My Top 5 Healthy Holiday Baking Tips

Today, we are talking to healthy holiday baking and I’m sharing 5 healthy holiday baking tips that you will find helpful. I have received so much positive feedback from my private and free online community that I decided to publish the content of this live stream on my site so many more can benefit from the content.I hope you enjoy my visual presence while I talk directly to you on camera.

NB: ***This content was first published in a lifestream format via the application Periscope.and was transferred to video on YouTube.***

Below are the notes from the show.

Healthy Holiday Baking

Did you know that the average America gains 7-9 lbs from Halloween through the New Year? Crazy number…

As a nutritionist, my job is to help you build strategies to enjoy the holiday baking season and all the festive foods and gatherings it brings while also maintaining a balance in your lives and diet. I call this the art of Dipping and Not Diving.

In this video I share with you my top 5 healthy holiday baking tips that you can employ to this new art of Dipping and Not Diving.

  • Use low glycemic sweetener
    1. Coconut sugar
    2. Xylitol
    3. Stevia
  • Use low glycemic flours
    1. Almond flour
    2. coconut flour
    3. casava flour
  • Use healthy fat to prevent inflammation
    1. Avocado oil
    2. Coconut oil
  • Use more healthy fat more fat in your recipes
    1. Healing fudge
    2. Fat bombs ( Recipe provided in my private online community. Join here)
  • Upgrade your recipe… don’t change them
    • My recipe book… Healthy Holiday Cooking.

You might be wondering where to find the recipe for the beautiful Xmas cookies you see in the video. Here’s the link to my healthy chewy molasses cookie recipe. These cookies are indeed amazing!

More resources

If this content is go an interest for you can also access a series of online workshops (click here) among which Healthy Holiday Made Easy might help you further in your journey. As well a series of digital book with a focus on healing foods might help you in your nutritional journey.

You can also received my free PDF 4 Steps to eliminating emotional eating by clicking right here.

Share you thoughts: What is your favorite holiday recipe? Did you find ways to make this recipe healthier ?

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