Beyond Mindset

Why I’m hosting this mentorship


You have done the positive thinking, recited mantras and maybe even delved into therapy. You devoured self-help books and listened to countless podcasts.


It helped … somewhat.

Yet, you still don’t fully trust yourself, self-doubt sometimes steals your inner confidence, and you still worry about what other people think or what “they” could say if you claim your brilliance out loud.

WTF right?

Here’s the truth:
Surface-level mindset work won’t cut it. Decades of patriarchy and diet culture have etched their influence deep into your mind.


But we’re here to change that!


I’ll teach you revolutionary self-coaching tools to identify the thoughts the systems have programmed your brain with and how to create new self-beliefs so you can unleash your amazingness into the world and pursue your dreams with unshakable confidence.

And I know learning these self-coaching tools will change the rest of your life!



Beyond Mindset Mentorship is for you if


  • You want to accept your body and be nicer to yourself, but you still feel vaguely worried when you eat “too much sugar” even though you eat and also worry about gaining weight.


  • You understand that you aren’t supposed to have to be perfect to be successful, but you can’t stop worrying if you are doing  “things right” and ruminate if you ever going to finally make it


  • You know logically that you shouldn’t worry about what other people think, but when it comes time to put yourself out there, and make the bold move you can’t stop yourself but thinking about what THEY could say.


  • You intellectually understand that all humans are innately worthy, and that yes it should include you too but secretly you think that you are the exception and you keep working too damn hard to prove yourself.

You feel like something is missing? You know that diet culture & patriarchy is BS but for “some reason” you can’t stop yourself from worrying, doubting and feeling anxious.

If this is you my sister you are not alone and the problem isn’t you and I have the solution!



Introducing Beyond Mindset


Beyond Mindset is your 4-week self-coaching mentorship with moi, Stephanie Dodier, designed to unleash your inner powerhouse.

We are reshaping our minds, not our bodies!

I’ll guide you to silence self-criticism and harness your inner voice to inspire action. You’ll cultivate unshakable self-belief, embrace unconditional self-trust, and exude the confidence you’ve always craved.

Self-coaching is the best tool for your mental and emotional well-being!


What may happen to you over the next month of the

Beyond Mindset mentorship:


  • Shift Your Mindset: Embody your confident, badass self in every aspect of your life.


  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Get over what is holding you back from self-acceptance and embrace unconditional confidence.


  • Body Connection: Connect with your body in a way that you will trust yourself and never again worry about what you ate that day or if your pants are tight.


  • Intentional Inner voice: Be kind to yourself instead of beating yourself up so you can take consistent productive actions towards your goals.


  • Emotional Regulation: Process emotions with compassion and confidence, cultivating a more regulated nervous system.


  • Self-Compassion: Cultivate deep compassion for yourself, ending self-sabotage.


  • Learn the self-coaching framework, an adaptation of cognitive behavioral coaching that will allow you to identify the thoughts, diet culture and patriarchy program your brain with how to change them.


  • You’ll learn how to train your brain to think better thoughts that will actually create the productive actions needed to create the result you wished you had.

These tools will empower you for life, enabling you to navigate the human experience with ease, power, and unwavering confidence, living your life on your own terms!


How it works? 


You’ll be meeting with me and a small, intimate group of women mentees once a week via Zoom. Each week, I’ll teach one simple aspect of self-coaching, breaking it down into simple and actionable steps. You spend the next 7 days applying the learnings inside the workbook and mastering the skill of self-coaching. You come back the next week and move to the next tool.

Over the 4 weeks, we will dive into:

  • Investigation of unintentional thinking 
  • Normalization and compassion
  • Riding the wave of your emotions
  • Creating Intentional thoughts and building up the belief 

The outcome: A better relationship with yourself and that starts with what you think about yourself! 

Beyond Mindset


Beyond Mindset mentorship is ideal for any self-identified woman


Here are the details


  • A small, intimate group of self-identified women 
  • The mentorship is for 4 weeks May 28, June 4, 11 & 18 2024 
  • 1-2 pm EST
  • Recordings of meetings will be available in your student portal
  • PLUS 2 Bonus Live Coaching Friday May 31 & June 7th  at 11 am EST


How much does it cost?


This is a one-time offer exclusive to my intimate community, so I decided to make it very affordable at $444 (payment plan available on demand)

There are only 30 seats available. I want to be honest with you: if I decide to offer this mentorship again, the price will increase significantly, so if you’re interested in getting mentored by me on mindset coaching, I highly suggest you consider this offer.


Ready to Think Better. Feel Better. Grow Faster?


Believing in yourself and owning your amazingness in a world that feels you, you haven’t worked hard enough, tried long enough or bluntly that you aren’t enough is hard work

And yes it does require efforts

And no I won’t let you believe you can’t do it. I’ll always call you back to believing in yourself.

Let’s do this!



Register to the Beyond Mindset Mentorship

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I’m really looking forward to working with you. 

With love,


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