Exclusive Membership Package
The Exclusive membership package is a result-oriented one on one coaching program additional to the regular Academy program.

The Exclusive membership will include one-on-one work with Stephanie as described:
Step 1: Prior to our first appointment, you will complete a detailed symptomology assessment carried out through Nutri-Body® Solutions Online Questionnaire. A 20+ pages report detailing the findings of your Nutri-Body® health assessment will be sent to you 24 hours prior to our first appointment.

Step 2: You will complete an intake form that will allow me to review your health & Lifestyle history prior to our first appointment, so we can get right into the behaviors coaching, so that you get the most efficient results.

Step 3: We get started with your 3 one-on-one coaching sessions.  Your first session of 1 hr will be scheduled in February 2019.
Review and assess your goals
Review and analyze the results of your Nutri-Body® health assessment and finalize your goals for our work together.
Review your current diet, lifestyle and supplementation.
Create your personal mind-body timeline: We’ll plot your physical and emotional health history from birth to date. By correlating the two timelines, you’ll be able to see the impact that your emotions have historically triggered within your physical conditions once you have a deeper awareness of your mind-body connection
Action plan: We will build together a personal and specific protocol based on the knowledge gained with the symptomology assessment and mind-body timelines.
Provide recommendations for individualized supplementation protocol if necessary.
Step 4: Follow –up sessions: 4 weeks post your first session, we will schedule your second session of 30 minutes and again 4 weeks post your second session, we will schedule your third session of 30 minutes.
Motivate, inspire and develop accountability to help you manage through any problems/resistance that may be getting in the way of you implementing your plan and making lasting changes
Review individualized protocol and advise on next steps
Recordings of the calls will take place over a secure teleconferencing webcam.

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