How to Curb Sugar Cravings: 5 Foods That Can Help

Want to learn how to curb sugar cravings? You can start with these 5 foods that reduce food cravings! I recently had a livestream about these foods and have received so much positive feedback from my private and free online community. So I decided to publish the content of this livestream on my site so many more can benefit from the content.I hope you enjoy my visual presence while I talk directly to you on camera .

Below are the notes from the show.

NB: ***This content was first published in a lifestream format via the application Periscope. and was transferred to video on YouTube.***


Here are the key 5 foods that will reduce food cravings:

What can we eat to reduce our cravings?

1 – Swap sugar or sweetener in your coffee for cream (heavy, if possible)
Fat will not release insulin in your body.
Insulin increases the production of serotonin which creates feeling of happiness.

2 – Swap your regular chocolate for 100% unsweetened dark chocolate
There is no sugar in unsweetened dark chocolate but you get the taste of chocolate.

3- Eat more veggies…
Nutritional deficiencies are a reason why you crave foods.
Veggies are the unsweetened vitamin and mineral carriers of nature
Eat 6 cups / day

4- Have some coconut butter instead of a sugary treat
Always keep a jar of coconut butter on hand

5-Keep FAT BOMBS in your fridge
Mix coconut oil, nut or seed butter or grass -fed butter and raw unsweetened cacao powder.
Fat will keep you full longer.

How to Curb Sugar Cravings: More Resources and Info

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Share you thoughts: What are your strategies to help with food cravings? Dis you know the reason why your cravings were present?

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