How to Eat Organic on a Budget: Is It Even Possible?

How to eat organic on a budgetFor most of us as we enter our health journey, the first step is to change the food we eat so that we can achieve healing. As I see often in my free and private online community, the next step is to consider the quality of our food.

But some think that it’s impossible for them to go organic because it’s too expensive. Well, I’m going to show you how to eat organic on a budget. Organic food on a budget is totally possible and this article will guide you how to do this at your own pace!

Even though organic produce is becoming more common in today’s supermarkets, it still tends to cost more than regular produce. The benefits, however, are real and it is well worth the effort to include as many organic foods as you can afford to in your diet.

This guide will help you make more informed decisions about when you should really stick with organic and when conventional produce will do.

Why Buy Organic?

  • To reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, e.g. pesticides, herbicides, etc.
  • To increase the nutritional value of your food
  • Animals raised organically, grass-fed or pasture-raised get more fresh air and are generally treated more humanely
  • Organic farming is more sustainable

Organic farms use 70 percent less energy than industrial farms. Because the farmer doesn’t use pesticides, the groundwater is preserved. These farming techniques help to build top soil and don’t contribute to erosion.

How to Eat Organic on a Budget: 6 Steps to Follow

  1. Switch over to organic slowly a little a bit at a time.
  2. Always compare prices and check what’s on special. In some cases, the organic produce may be the same price or only a little bit more than the conventional produce.
  3. Prioritize organic meat and dairy to reduce the number of pesticides and hormones in your diet (toxins are stored in fat so meat and dairy will contain more). Organic meat is more expensive but by buying directly from the farmer can save you a lot. Read here on to find la ocal farmer.
  4. Buy in bulk. Many oils, grains, nuts and seeds can be purchased in bulk at a much lower price.
  5. Some produce is grown with higher amounts of pesticides and should always be purchased organic. Other produce is grown with less and can be purchased to save some money without drastically impacting your health. Review the guide below.
  6. You can also look for CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) program in your area. CSA allows city residents to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally by regional farmers. Different CSA type program exist for produce, meat and dairy . You can likely find a CSA by searching CSA along with the type (produce, meat or dairy) and the name of your city on your favourite browser.

Organic Food on a Budget Guide

The guide included in this article is dated of 2014 from an organization named EWG. Ever year, EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ ranks pesticide contamination on 48 popular fruits and vegetables based on an analysis of more than 35,200 samples taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Federal Food and Drug Administration. Get the the most updated guide here. It is an essential guide on how to eat organic on a budget.

You may also want to check out my Real Food Guide. A real-food diet is ka ey to achieving your health goals. This guide will help you make informed decisions when you buy food.

How to eat organic on a budget

Share your thoughts: Are you currently eating organic? Let me know how you began your journey into the organic world. What is currently your biggest obstacle in buying organic food?

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