How to Increase Your Will Power and Decrease Your Food Cravings

How to increase your will powerWant to learn how to increase your will power? Will power may be a strong word, but let’s start right off with a definition of it.

Strength in the moment. The ability to restrain one’s own impulses.

This is definition is absolutely USELESS. Like I teach to the women in my community It’s incorrect. It’s terrible. It’s BS. This widely held understanding of willpower takes the power out of your hands and into some ethereal, completely out of touch realm in which you don’t have control.

This definition is nothing but an excuse, a reason for saying that we don’t have any will power.

How to Increase Your Will Power: Know That You DO Have Willpower

The truth is that you in fact do have willpower. In spades.

At least once every hour you demonstrate your willpower. More than once an hour. You demonstrate willpower literally all the time. Let’s go through some examples:

  • Stealing – You have multiple opportunities each day to steal, but it’s not even a possibility in your mind.
  • Driving – Driving in your car, there are lots of times that you have the chance to speed, or run a red light, or any number of other illegal things, but you don’t. You go right along driving safely.
  • Lying – There are so many chances for you to lie throughout your day, and it would make your life a lot easier. But you don’t, because it’s against your values.
  • Responsibilities – Whether it’s kids you’re taking care of, loved ones you’re caring for, pets you’re feeding, whatever. You take care of your responsibilities even when you don’t have to.

The REAL definition of willpower

If you want to know how to increase your will power, you must know the REAL definition of willpower, which is getting strength BEFORE the moment. You make a decision and you know deep down inside that it’s the right decision. It’s not a battle that happens in the moment, it’s one that happens well before the moment.

Here are three tips for making willpower work for instead of letting it work against you.

  • Stop saying you don’t have willpower
  • Find out your why for doing things, then let that why be your driving force.
  • Don’t ask yourself if you should or shouldn’t – know it.

There’s nothing magic about willpower. It’s not some crazy thing that some people have and that others don’t have. Willpower is the decisions that you make carried forward into the future. When you firmly believe something is right for you, you don’t need willpower to carry it out, it’s just the way you’ll live.

The truth about will power is in some ways similar to the truth about food cravings that I teach in my unique Crave Cure Guide. It’s all in your mind and heart!

Share your thoughts: When is the last time that you struggle with willpower? What do you think of this new perception of willpower?

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