How to Stop Compulsive Eating

how to stop compulsive eatingMany people research on how to stop compulsive eating, but they miss the point. Food isn’t quite the same as other physical things that we do like taking a shower or doing the laundry – you have a relationship with food. That relationship needs to be nurtured, needs to be formed consciously and with a great deal of thought.

You have a relationship with food already, the real question is whether it’s a positive one in your life or one that’s not so positive.

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How to Stop Compulsive Eating Stories

Does this story sound familiar to you? I know it’s familiar to many ladies in my online private community.

Ashley has a sudden craving for chocolate, so she decides to eat just two blocks from a chocolate bar. Without even realizing it, Ashley has devoured the whole bar in just a few minutes.

Or how about this one?

Sam’s been working all morning, and decides to take a quick break to grab a handful of chips out of the bag in the office cabinet. By the time lunch comes around, She realizes that she’s eaten the whole bag without even thinking.

Those stories sound familiar to a lot of us. Compulsive eating just seems to happen. But you can learn on how to control your eating habits, and you can move on to reach you goals beyond it!

Developing your relationship with food

Compulsive eating is all about that relationship. If you have a positive relationship with food, you’re going to have a much easier time dealing with compulsive eating.

Your relationship with food started back when you were just a baby. We are born with a nurturing relationship with food. You don’t know how to express your need for food, so you cry to get it, and you are comforted with food. The same happens when you’re a child, you’re rewarded with birthday cake and cookies. As an adult, it’s steak and wine. Nurturing with food is a part of our lives in a deep way.

With all of that, it’s no wonder we struggle with compulsive eating!

Solutions for Compulsive Eating

This isn’t a quick fix. There’s no magic pill to make compulsive eating stop – it takes diligent work that carries through over a long period of time.

The key to stopping compulsive eating lies in learning to listen to your body messages. Numbing with food doesn’t solve anything – your body is just going to keep on talking louder to you.

Cravings send your body a message, which drives your emotions that are out of control. It’s all connected.

The solution for how to stop compulsive eating is to start paying attention to your feelings. It’s the only way to get past those compulsive drives. A great too available to you is my online seminar ” Mastering Your Food Cravings” which will provide you with a comprehensive system to start paying attention to your feelings.

If you want to read more on this topic you can read this blog post “5 sign of emotional eating” and also “Solution to your food cravings“.

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