How to Stop Food Cravings

How to stop food cravings

Food is love, or so we tend to think. And not just on the surface, it’s a deep down kind of drive. It’s not surprising why most people have no idea on how to stop food cravings.

To be able to stop food cravings can only happen if we learn to understand the emotional connection between our desire for chocolate. The causes of cravings are almost all emotional – almost! There is a physical side as well, and getting to the bottom of both is the way to success over food cravings.  

How to Stop Food Cravings: Empower Yourself

Becoming empowered to stop food cravings starts with getting to the bottom of the physical side of the equation. The physical side of food cravings can be boiled down to these things 

  • Gut & microbiome

    There is great research lately that shows the connection between a lack of diversity of microbiomes in the gut with food cravings. To combat this, it’s so important to reduce carb intake and to add probiotics into the diet.

  • Blood sugar dysregulation

    Radical highs and lows in blood sugar can cause cravings. Getting your blood sugar to a more stable place though improvements in your diet will result in a dramatic reduction in food cravings.

  • Nutrient deficiencies

    A lack of the vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy are a major cause of cravings. Chocolate means you’re craving magnesium. Bread means you’re craving b vitamins. Diversify your diet and increase its nutrient density in order to combat cravings.

Let Go of Judgement 

If you’ve been beating yourself up in silence about your cravings and about your relationship with food, then you’re only going to continue to cycle back around into those negative behaviors. You MUST let go of your self judgement! 

Trashing yourself, feeling that you are worthless because you can’t lose whatever weight it is that you feel you should be able to lose, it’s just not going to help you to move forward. All of that guilt and self-loathing isn’t serving you at all – it’s holding you back. So let it go! 

Next step

We want our cravings to just magically disappear, but that’s just not how things work. I truly wish it were, but then wishing doesn’t change anything. But you can learn how to stop food cravings! Knowledge is power, and so much more powerful than willpower that why I created The Crave Cure Guide a digital book that will teach the basics of my program, click here to download for free.

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