Natural Remedies for GERD and What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know

Natural remedies for GERDGERD is something that so many people suffer with including many of the women in my free and private community, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). Living with GERD means living with stomach acid, and sometimes stomach contents, flowing back up out of the stomach and into the esophagus where it can cause damage, and always causes discomfort. Fortunately, there are natural remedies for GERD.

This is a consistent and constant problem for those who suffer with it, and it can seem like there are few solutions for GERD patients. There is hope, ways to address the burning chest pain that comes with GERD, things that your doctor doesn’t know.

GERD : The Emotional Connection

GERD is fundamentally connected to our emotional life. Our inability to process new things that are coming into our lives, the fear that we feel about the future and what it means, the feeling that we can’t do it and so we don’t process life the way that we should in order to be healthy.

Not processing emotions = not processing food.

These two are one and the same in our lives! Chinese medicine tells us this as well, as it teaches us that digestive and stomach problems come from worry, anxiety, mistrust and fear. Even modern-Western science tells us that, anxious feelings are connected to the symptoms of acid reflux.

The goal is to learn on how to listen to yourself, and take away the power of that stress by confronting it gently and then planning to remove it. Here are some things that you can do to help calm the emotional state that is driving gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Natural Remedies for GERD: The Acid Connection

What your doctor WON’T tell you is that the primary issue driving GERD isn’t too much stomach acid – it’s too little. Research shows us that GERD is closely linked to stomach pressure, gas which is pushing up on the opening to the esophagus. That pressure comes from food not being digested properly.

Right after chewing, the second step in digestion is stomach acid breaking down the food. Without proper digestion, “bad” bacteria in the gut start to grow out of control as they feed on undigested carbs. H. Pylori affects more than half of people in modern society, and it produces many of the symptoms associated with GERD, as well as other digestive issues like constipation and IBS.

The good news is that you can combat the effects of low acid and resolve GERD! Here’s how.

  • Have your HCL production tested (many doctors are hesitant to do this, but it’s important!)
  • Don’t drink during meals
  • Add HCL to your diet (watch my video to learn how!). Don’t add this if you’re on an anti-inflammatory medication as it could cause serious side effects.
  • Try bitters or apple cider vinegar, two natural remedies for GERD, although the HCL is more effective.

You CAN resolve GERD! What your doctor doesn’t know about GERD, are these incredible techniques. Things that can make your life yours again, without the pain and discomfort. The first step as always is to start with food which you can refer to The Crave Cure Program for guidance on how to change your nutrition.

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