271-People-Pleasing 2.0

People-pleasing isn’t a character trait or, for that matter, a personality trait that we are born with. People-pleasing are beliefs, a set of thoughts that we as women are socialized to. More precisely, we aren’t socialized or educated to be people-pleasers… we are socialized to be “good girls”. So how does being a people-pleaser show up in other parts of your life? That’s what we will unpack in t…

270-Tuning Out the Weight Loss Industry

Tuning out the weight loss industry
This episode is going to be for every woman – every woman who has been targeted by dieting ads. I have chosen this title for a reason: “Tuning out the weight loss industry” instead of “tuning out diet culture” for a reason: to reach more women. Here’s 10 tips for you to process the weight loss, fitness and wellness marketing.

269-How to Move (or Exercise) More

how to move more
“I want to move with joy.” “How do I motivate myself to move more without dreading it.” That you are at the beginning stage of challenging the concept of dieting or an advanced intuitive eater that now wants to work on reclaiming their relationship to exercise… Or that you have made peace with food already and now want to tackle your relationship to movement… This podcast going to help you.

268-My Goals for 2021

My goals for 2021
In this episode, I’m going to share the process of reflecting back on the last year, my learnings from 2020 and my goals that I have set myself for 2021. I’ve never done an episode like this one before where I share my own reflection on the year and my goals… it’s going to be one of those vulnerable episodes. Ready to come on this journey with me?

267-Willing To Be Willing

willing to be willing
When we set a goal or desire to change an aspect of our life or self, we often get “stuck” into inaction. The fear of taking action in the unknown and the paralysis into stagnation is normal. It’s present for most of us women. This fear is a normal reaction from our brain to command us into staying put instead of moving ourselves into the unknown. To be willing to be willing is the first step into…