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242-Love versus Fear

Love versus Fear
Believe it or not, the opposite of love isn’t hate. It’s fear. All emotions basically fall under one of two categories — love-based emotions of fear-based. Our emotions direct the choices we make daily. Our emotional state informs the decision we take in our lives. Our emotions create the action we take towards our dreams, goals… life! 

241-Body Fantasies

Body Fantasies
Bodies fantasies is the reality of many women. It sounds like this: “When I finally lose weight I will ______”. Learning to overcome body fantasies will also allow to live your life now unconditionally!

240-What Are You Hungry For?

What are you hungry for
What are you hungry for? If it was food, then eating will appease our hungers. It would be somewhat simple. But fortunately it’s way beyond the food! Hint!

239 – Her Story: She Overcame a 40-Year Battle with Food and Body Image with Ann

  In today’s episode, we’ll listen to an Academy student’s 40-year battle with food and body image… In today’s episode, I’m joined by Ann Killin, a student of the Going Beyond the Food Academy. Ann agreed to share her story on the podcast to help other women take the step forward in healing in their relationship with food and body.   Ann is being very vulnerable and open about her life jour…

238- Sugar Cravings and Intuitive Eating

238-sugar-cravings-intuitive-eating (1)
  In today’s episode, we’ll explore sugar cravings and intuitive eating “Is it bad to have sugar cravings?” “Why does our body crave sweets?” “Is sugar addictive?” “Why eating sugar leads to binging?” “What is my body trying to tell me when I crave sugar?” “Why do I crave sugar at night?” These are all normal and almost expected questions given the current perspective of our society (read her…