266-Goal Setting

Goal Setting
Smart Goals are to goal setting what dieting is to Diet Culture. Just like diet culture, SMART goals are anchored on external results, accomplishment of actions, grounded into avoidance of failure and perfectionism. It’s archaic, sexist and builds on elitist principles. In this episode, we are going to discover the right way of setting goals for women: the diet-culture-free way to set goals.

265-Mom’s Guilt with Unyime Oguta

Mom's Guilt
“It feels terrible as a mom to put yourself first… it’s easy to say self-care when you don’t have kids”. This is such a sensitive topic for moms… Me, the single woman with no kids telling them to take time for themselves. I have avoided doing a topic on this subject because let’s face it, it’s true: I don’t get it. That’s until today…

PRO SERIES: Non-diet Q&A S2 EP8

Non-diet Q&A
Non-Diet Q&A: In this episode of the podcast, we will be answering 25 rapid-fire questions from our listeners about the non-diet approach. Ready? Let’s do this!

264-Health Goal versus Weight Loss Goal

health goal
Health goal versus Weight loss goal, what is best for you? In this episode we will help you make the best decision possible for you understanding the various forces at play in our society.

PRO Series: Non-Diet Business Mindset S2 EP7

Business Mindset
The non-Diet Business Mindset discourse is vastly different from the traditional business mindset discourse you might have heard. Why? Simply because the same system of oppression that is in place to keep women stuck in diet culture is present in the business world. Our guest expert teacher, Dr. Michelle Mazur is PhD in sales psychology as an expert coined the term “Bro Marketing” to describe this…