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237- #1 Enemy to Intuitive Eating – Internalized Fatphobia

 In today’s episode, we’ll explore the #1 enemy to intuitive eating, internalized fatphobia “You are so beautiful Stephanie! …. It’s ok for you to be bigger but not for me.” Not that I hear this statement a lot when I meet women but most often when we have known each other for a bit. This statement or something similar will be shared typically when my students are struggling with their journey…

236 – 5 Stages of Intuitive Eating

The 5 stages of intuitive eating are very different from dieting. It is a process with ups & downs, unlike dieting where the common expectation is linear.

235- Intuitive Eating for the Family: Successful Integration with Dr. Jillian and Sally

235-Intuitive-Eaying-Family-Integration-image (1)
Intuitive eating for the family is possible and easy. As most mom would tell me: “The last thing you want is to pass on my food issues to my kids”. But how to undo years of restrictive eating in your family?

234 – Non-Diet Health Strategies Supporting Your Well-Being and Immune System

Non-Diet Health Strategies supporting your well-being and immune system. Compatible with intuitive eating & health at every size approach and grounded in a weight neutral approach to health.

233- Coaching Diet Brain in Time of Crisis

For the first time ever, I’m sharing the recording of a coaching call from the Going Beyond the Food Academy. These are special times with the coronavirus.