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209-Intuitive Eating for Hormonal Health

Women love intuitive eating as a concept but often will refute it based on other advices they receive, found or read on the internet. One of the most frequent situations I encounter is with hormonal health. Women wanting to balance their hormones, perhaps heal their hormones, are being told that to achieve such goal they must restrict certain food, go on a reset hormonal diet or do an elimination…

208-Health Beyond Diet & Weight Loss

Health beyond diet & weight loss
For many of us in this community, our first encounter with dieting wasn’t a concern with health, but on being in a smaller body. We dieted for aesthetic reasons, not health. All of us have been taught at a very young age that health = thinness but is it true or is it just an assumption?

207- Self-Coaching for Intuitive Eating and Beyond

207-Self-Coaching-Stephanie Dodier
The word “coaching” is an identified process used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be. It’s a form of development, a process of supporting someone towards a goal. Self-coaching is when we become our own coach. We know what’s best for us. That’s the innate wisdom we all have. The same wisdom that directs our hunger and fullness cues within the framework of intuitive eat…

206-She’s Beyond The Food Chapter 6 – My Story 2.0-2019 Update

She's Beyond the Food Chapter 6-Stephanie Dodier
Today’s episode is about She’s Beyond The Food Chapter 6-it’s my story 2.0. It’s a follow up to episode 101 From Shame to Fame in which I shared 7 lessons learned from my experienced life up to now. The stories that made me who I’m today. The stories that crafted the Going Beyond The Food Method.

205-Cyclical Living & Surrendering Control to Connect with Your Inner Cues with Kate Northrup

205-Cyclical Living-Stephanie Dodier
If our body is wise enough to know what to eat, when to eat and how to eat… what else can it do for us? What else can we learn from our womanly body? According to a study from the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, fluctuations of hormones over the monthly menstrual cycle play a crucial role in our emotional status, appetite, thought processes, and so much more…