110 – Mastering Your Food Cravings – The Low Carb Universe Conference 2017

The Low Carb Universe
The Low Carb Universe is a unique international event. As much focus is brought forward to nutrition as it is to mind and body approach to health. It’s more than a conference. It’s a retreat… luxurious hotel, small group workshop, one-on-one interaction with speakers. This event is perfect for me to teach at as it models my beliefs… Mind, body and soul experience. Mastering Your Food Cravings…

109 – The OTHER Reason Why We Overeat and Binge with Isabel Foxen Duke

reason why we overeat
We shouldn’t avoid emotional eating because when we turn emotional eating into something to avoid as much as dieting, we fall in the trap of diet mentality and all its negative side effects such as overeating and binging. Isabel Foxen Duke is a brilliant leader in the Health At Every Size movement and this interview will rock your world! Must listen!

108 – 6 Powerful Benefits of Gratitude to Help You Ditch Food Obsession

benefits of gratitude
Still not practicing gratitude? Maybe you think this is just another woo woo trend and you rather spend more time researching real stuff why you can’t achieve your goals. If this is you, you’ve got to listen to this episode… gratitude has been researched with more than 40 studies (as of 2012) with nothing but positive benefits on us, human beings, even more specially when it comes to changing ou…

107 – The Surprising Link Between Faith and Health with Christina Grenga

faith and health
For many years, I struggled with my own faith. I controlled my life to get the outcome that I desired… no faith or trust. Clearly, it didn’t work well for me. Today, I have faith in myself and the universe… for some, it’s God and other higher power. The name is irrelevant. It’s the act of believing and trusting that all will be good that impacts your health. The studies are clear about the pow…

106 – 5 Common Behaviors That Lead Straight to Self-Sabotage

You are on a roll with your goals and all of a sudden out of nowhere, you make a decision that will lead you straight to feeling disappointed and block you from achieving your goal. There are distinctive behaviors that we have in our everyday lives that lead us to self-sabotage… Do you do have these behaviors in your own life?