065 – Sean Croxton: How to Get Anything You Want : 7 Steps to Beating Fear, Doubt and Indecision

how to get anything i want
Is it really possible to get or achieve anything we want? Sean Croxton is passionately saying YES! It starts with the right mindset, the right thoughts, and goals. We can manifest anything we want only if we believe we have the power. Sean shares the 7 steps to beat fear, doubt and indecision.

064 – Self-Awareness is More Important Than Food

Self-awareness is the ability to observe know yourself. Be the observer and understand why you make choices and act in the way you do. It’s more important than food because it drives the food behavior. Food behavior is emotional.

063 – The Biology of Belief: Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Biology of Belief
Did you ever wonder why some of the behaviors you want to change the most about yourself are so hard to change? Dr. Bruce Lipton has not only the explanation but also the solution to unleash the power of your mind and consciousness. This interview will reveal the long sought after “missing link.”

062 – The Beginning of the Rest of My Life – Coaching Session

the rest of my life
Coaching Session – The Beginning of the Rest of my Life- learn how to go about making changes in your life – in any aspect- that are permanent. The first step in this type of change is a mindset and it requires you to look at change in a completely different way!

061 – Desire and Cravings: Interview With Dr. McCreery – Crave Cure Series

This is episode 10 of the 10 part Crave Cure Series: Going Beyond the Food. Dr. McCreery is teaching us to how to ask ourselves the real important question when facing our cravings: What are we really craving? This is when the magic happens and we discover our hidden hungers. This is really what the Crave Cure series is really about…