036 – Q&A: 8 Reasons Why Low Carb Diets Don’t Work – How to Be Successful With Your Low Carb Diet

reasons why low carb diets don't work
Have you ever attempted a low carb diet, but didn’t reach the goal you desired, or to put it more simply, it didn’t work for you? This is something that I hear all the time from people like Cherie in a very frustrated tone. Low-carb diets are very effective. That is a scientific fact. So why is Cherie or you not losing weight? I have 8 reasons to share that may change the results for you.

035 – Solution to Emotional Eating: Interview with Dr. Georgia Ede

solution to emotional eating
Are you a yo-yo dieter? It’s not because you want to be, but rather because emotional eating is stronger than your willpower. Dr. Ede, MD, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, teaches us about the root causes of emotional eating beyond just the food. She guides us through a 5-part solution to heal emotional eating.

034 – Anxiety and Panic Attacks Gone!: Interview with Jennifer Bitner

Anxiety and panic attacks
At her peak, Jennifer Bitner had 3-4 panic attacks a day, couldn’t drive anywhere, would go out in uncontrolled public areas. She was on prescription medications at the young age of 25. After hitting rock bottom, she realized that no one could ever save her but herself. Fast forward to today — she is off meds and no longer suffering anxiety or panic attacks. She recently gave birth to a beautiful…

033 – Healing Trauma: Interview with Irene Lyon

healing trauma
Irene Lyon shares with us that there’s a way to be a truly remarkable human being. It doesn’t include burnout, anxiety, playing small, compare/despair, or self-sabotage before your next big breakthrough. The secret to this way?is in our nervous system. (That’s where all those physical, mental, and emotional blocks that are still holding you back are stuck.) The good news is: they can all be cleare…

032 – Constipation and Emotions: The Secret No One Talks About

constipation and emotions
Being constipated is state of holding on to garbage and also to emotions. Just like poop, emotions need to be released! I’m passionate about poop. This is a professional side effect of being a clinical nutritionist. We use body signals such as poop to understand what is really going on in the body… and with poop we can tell a lot. Constipation is something that I frequently observe in my patients…