084-Adrenal Fatigue: What you have never been told about it with Irene Lyon

Listen to the episode: Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Are you exhausted all the time? Gainning weight for unexplained reason? Problem sleeping particularly waking up in the early morning? Challenged with your menstrual cycle or suffering from way too many hot flahes? Theses body messages aka symptoms could be signs that you are affecting by what is commonly known as “adrenal fatigue”. Adrenal…

083 – ” I just gave up….” a story with much deeper meaning

i just gave up
Listen to the episode: Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Do you ever use these words in regard to yourself: “I just gave up… and then insert the subject of choice”? I just gave up ? You accept it not really realizing what you are saying and that is until someone calls you out on it. You then start really feel upset and frustrated. How to begin to find, look and deal with these very sensitive is…

082 – Clear Skin From Within with Dr. Trevor Cates

clear skin
Who want a young looking, healthy and glowing skin ? The key to having a beautiful skin is from within yourself. Your gut plays a major role but also your emotions. Dr. Trevor Cates will teach us what we need to do from our plate to our mind. Also learn why the “beauty products” that are supposed to be good for our skin can actually do more harm.

081 – The Secret Fear of Success

Do you even know there’s such a thing as fear of success? This fear is real for most women looking to change their relationship to food. However, very few of them are aware of this fear. You must learn to recognize the fear of success so you can move forward and up to achieving your goals.

080- Building Self Confidence: Interview with Ella the Host of On Air with Ella

Listen to the episode: Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Building Self Confidence 101 Do you suffer from the imposter syndrome? Or maybe scarcity mindset or always compare yourself to others? We diving deep into a way to Build Your Self Confidence. Ella will share with us the 3 Self Confidence Killers and what we need to do to increase our own Self Confidence. Is it possible that if we had more s…