057 – Psychology of Eating: Interview With Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson – Crave Cure Series

psychology of eating
This is episode 6 of the 10 part Crave Cure Series: Going Beyond the Food. We know what to eat, when to eat, but we just don’t do it. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson PHD will teach us powerful key lessons in the psychology of eating that will transform your ability to do what you know is right when it comes to food.

056 – Stress Cravings: Interview with Evan Brand

stress cravings
This is episode 5 of the 10 part Crave Cure Series: Going Beyond the Food. Many of us eat because we are stressed. We know it and wish we didn’t. Evan Brand, Functional Medicine practitioner and Nutritionist, will teach us what is really at the root of stress eating. The stress that makes you eat can also affect your overall health far beyond what you may think. Stress may be at the root of many o…

055 – Sugar Addiction Versus Sugar Cravings: Interview with Dr. Sam Shay – The Crave Cure Series

Sugar Addiction
This is episode 4 of the 10-part Crave Cure Series: Going Beyond the Food. Have you ever considered that your sweet tooth or sugar cravings could actually be an addiction? What we really need to understand is the definition of addiction. Our guest today, Dr. Sam Shay, will not only define sugar addiction but will also help us understand the underlying issues that cause it. The origin of your sugar…

054 – Overeating and Binge Eating: Interview with Dr. Carolyn Ross – Crave Cure Series

overeating and binge eating
This is episode 3 of the 10-part Crave Cure Series: Going Beyond the Food. Ever wonder when you overeat or binge eat? It’s not because you love food, but it’s about the sensations food gives you. Dr. Carolyn Ross, world authority in overeating and binge behaviors, says we are seeking sensations, not the love of food. Perhaps this is why motivation and mental strength have nothing to do with self c…

053 – Female Hormones and Cravings: Interview with Dr. Kyrin Dunston – Crave Cure Series

hormones and food cravings
Cravings sweets just before your period or cravings going through the roof as you enter your perimenopause? That’s a message from your body that you can address to reduce your cravings. Dr. Kyrin Dunston, OB GYN will take us through step by step on what we need to do to balance our female hormones with ease.