025 – How to Lose Weight: Interview With Megan Nagy, Pro Athlete

How to lose weight
Megan Nagy, professional beach volleyball player and member of the Canadian Team, opens up about topics that most female pro athletes won’t go to: her personal struggle with poor body image and her weight struggle. Megan shares her journey in holistic approach to self discovery, a holistic approach which led her to being a better person and athlete. She now rocks her sports uniform with pride!

024 – Q&A: Why Knowing Triglyceride Level is Important

why knowing triglyceride level is important
Are you an empowered patient? If want to lower your triglycerides and need to understand how to achieve this episode is for you. Debbie is a great example of being an empowered patient. She reviewed her own blood test results and although her doctor was telling her that everything was fine she didn’t think so…and she was right!

023 – Staying Motivated: Find the Eternal Source of Motivation

How to increase self motivation
Let’s talk everything motivation. The different types of motivation – which one is more effective towards health goals, such as weight loss or any fitness goal, and exactly what to do to get motivated the right way. It will be a surprise for you.

022 – Q&A: How to Stop Negative Self Talk

How to stop negative self talk
Are you at war with yourself? That’s how Diane feels and I answer her question today on how to stop beating yourself up for “bad” food choices. Do you ever wonder what would happen if your didn’t put yourself down for “bad“ food choices? Maybe you assume that you would be even more “bad” and eat the whole junk food aisle. What if I said that the opposite would happen…

021 – Power of Breathing: Troy Hadeed Interview

power of breathing
“Mind is king of everything breath is king of the mind”- B.K.S. Iyengar Troy Hadeed is a teacher. A yoga teacher and a self discovery teacher. He teaches yoga and how to understand and expand our relationship to our breath. Breath is the most important relationship we have in our life well beyond nutrition, and human relationship… How long can we live without breath? Learn how breathing can impact…