103 – Meal Timing: The One Thing You Need to Know and Likely Not Doing with Brodie Welch

Meal Timing
When I say meal timing, what do you think of right away? LIke the 4-6 meals a day or eating window, right? Well, there is one important element that both these meal timing philosophies are not considering. This one thing can be a game changer for many women!

102 – Takeaways & Inspirations From the Going Beyond The Food Project + Big Announcement!

Inspirations from the Going Beyond The Food Project
The top 15 Inspirational quotes and takeaways from the 2017 Going Beyond The Food Project… Where to focus your attention when you have too much information in front of you.

101 – From Shame to Fame: My Never-Before-Shared Personal Story – Stephanie Dodier

Stephanie Dodier story
Before, I was in charge of what part of my story was being put out to the world…When I decided to reveal my pursuit of my life purpose, I made the conscious choice of being an open book. I would be transparent and share everything about who I was and how I came to be with you today. While creating the Going Beyond The Food Project, I decided to let go of the control and asked my friend Sean Crox…

100 – Live Wrap-up Session #1 – Going Beyond The Food Project

Going Beyond The Food Project
Did you attend the Going Beyond the Food Project online conference? If not, this is your chance to get a taste of it… We recorded live the first Wrap Up Session from Day 1 and talked about: How crucial it is to change our perspective on our own journey, Gut Health, and the Superwomen Syndrome… and I almost forgot the NO-MORE-DRAMA-around-food commitment we all need to take. Join in!

099 – How to Stop Binging & Overeating in 5 Steps

stop binging
Binging and overeating behaviors are very common among restrictive eaters and women who have been on diet frequently in their life and chose to restraint calories or certain food categories. Dr. Carolyn Ross has a 5-layer approach to healing these behaviors permanently that will fascinate you.