124-Ask Me: Emotional Hunger Versus Physical Hunger- What’s the Difference?

Emotional Hunger versus Physical Hunger
Emotional Hunger versus Physical Hunger- What’s the difference? I answered this question from one of my students while teaching in a retreat in Spain. We are going to identify 8 signs that will make it easy for you to know what is what and I’ll also share with you my secret formula to dissolve emotional eating.

123-Geneen Roth: This Messy Magnificent Life– A Guide to Deep Lasting Freedom from Self-Doubt

Geneen Roth interview
This is an interview with the New York Time best seller, Geneen Roth is golden for all of us on the path of fixing ourselves… It will forever change your perspective. Do you feel like you are broken and no matter what you try and how much you fix part of yourself it’s never enough? Our culture demands that we criticize and suffer so that we can be better…, but it is the only way to get “there”…

122-Breaking Down Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage doesn’t have to be… it’s a choice. We choose to self-sabotage. First, because we do not even know we are self-sabotaging and second, we let ourselves be led by the #1 driver of self-sabotage: Fear. Pay close attention to this episode it has the power to change your life! I’m serious … let’s do this!

121-Ask Me: How to Release Control When I Have None… Live Coaching with Susan

release control
How can I release control when I have none? That’s the question from Susan today. The real question is: Is control the way for her to get the results she wants? In this live coaching call, we explored the possible root causes of her lack of control when it comes to eating and what releasing control on eating really meant for her.

120-Ask me:Self-Compassion Lesson

What does it even mean to be self-compassionate? We give compassion to others without difficulties, however, when it comes the time for us to be more compassionate towards ourselves… that’s a struggle. Today, will explore first what is self-compassion and why it’s so important to the mastery of our relationship to food.