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218-Weight Stigma: The Discrimination Not Talked About with Kimmie Singh RD – The Weight Loss Series Part 4

weight discrimination
It’s legal to discriminate based on body weight and completely acceptable in society. Whatttt? Yup. Not only is weight discrimination legal but it’s also absolutely encouraged by diet culture. Think “before and after” weight loss picture used on marketing campaigns to sell the latest diet.

217-5 Steps to Get Unstuck with Shawn Mynar

Do you feel stuck? You desperately want to change an aspect of your life but you just can’t get yourself to take the leap. Is the solution to get unstuck and move towards your goal simply to be harder on yourself? I know that’s what I used to think.

216-Everything the BMI Gets Wrong with Alissa Rumsey RD – The Weight Loss Series Part 3

Everything-the-BMI-gets-wrong-Stephanie Dodier
Are you overweight? The BMI story interview with Alissa Rumsey Registered Dietician will answer the questions most of us women have around our weight. Is BMI accurate? Should I worry about my BMI?

215-#Undiet2020: Believing it’s Possible to Change

215-undiet2020Believe-Stephanie Dodier
Undiet 2020 is what I did last weekend. It’s a process of goal setting specialized for women wanting to make peace with food and their body. If you think about how you feel right about your body: Do you feel stuck? Do you deeply want to change the way you engage with food and your body but right away feel so overwhelmed?

214-Set Point: Can You Control Your Weight? With Chris Sandel – The Weight Loss Series Part 2

214-Set-Point-Stephanie Dodier
Set point- Can you control your weight? That is the question we aim to answer today with guest expert nutritionist, Chris Sandel. At the end, we share a tool for you to determine if you are above or below your body weight set point. Stick to the end!