069 – Intuitive Eating with Devyn Sisson: Learning to Trust Yourself

Intuitive Eating
Intuitive eating might seem like a New Age type of diet. But in fact, intuitive eating has been part of our evolution as humans. Let’s face it, 1,000 years ago, there was no vegan or paleo type of eating… we ate what we needed to survive and evolve and what was available around us. Intuitive eating is actually the oldest diet.

068 – Consistency: How to Be More Consistent with Consistency

Consistency is more important than perfection… Our desire for perfection actually gets in the way of consistency. There are 3 foundational elements that you must understand to achieve consistency in your journey.

067 – Dr. Amy Johnson: How to Break Up With Bad Habits: The No Willpower Approach!

We all have a list of habits we would love to break up with and we want to acquire new ones in the process. But we find it so hard! Dr. Amy Johnson has a new perspective on habits that will likely change the way you look at your habits, too. More so it will profoundly change your ability to break up with “bad” habits.

066 – Self-Sabotage: How to Stop It Permanently!

Self-sabotage can take many forms: from procrastination, to holding on to a negative belief about yourself to self-medication with your favorite drug of choice ( food to wine to Netflix… ). Whatever the case, self-sabotage interferes with you reaching your goals. The acts of self-sabotage feel good in the moment, but ultimately, they undermine us. There is a way out…

065 – Sean Croxton: How to Get Anything You Want : 7 Steps to Beating Fear, Doubt and Indecision

how to get anything i want
Is it really possible to get or achieve anything we want? Sean Croxton is passionately saying YES! It starts with the right mindset, the right thoughts, and goals. We can manifest anything we want only if we believe we have the power. Sean shares the 7 steps to beat fear, doubt and indecision.