007 – Interview with Dr. Sachin Patel: Empowered Health

how to achieve your health goals
My guest today Dr. Sachin Patel, a functional medecine doctor that I have been following and inspired by for a number of years now. We are talking about the importance of being responsible for your health and ways in which to empower yourself to achieve your health goals.

006 – Q&A: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Today we answer a question from our audience. This is a though question: What to do when your diet is not getting you the results your desire? Is it the diet or the mindset the issue?

005 – Interview with Jimmy Moore: Stress and Weight

healthy fasting
Today’s episode is and interview with a New York Time Best selling Author and health podcaster and my friend Jimmy Moore and we talk About his 180 lbs weight loss , his new book, his fasting journey and evolution and impact of stress on weight loss and maintenance.

004 – Q&A: What Should I Do When My Stress Hormones are Dysregulated?

my stress hormones are dysregulated
Today I answer a question from the listeners about stress. Today’s show is all stress & the hormone cortisol better known as stress hormone. Why is is an issue and what to do about it.

003 – Interview With Dr. Jason Fung on Fasting and True Hunger

interview with Dr Jason Fung on fasting
In this episode I interview Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian Doctor medical doctor & nephrologist at Scarborough Hospital and we talk about when not eating can actually help you discover true hunger and the false myth that dieting is simply a mathematical equation of calorie in and out.