044 – Body Wisdom: Interview with Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams

Dr. Rachel teaches a 4-step process called “Body Wise” to ignite the connection between our mind and our body. Chronic body depletion is an epidemic among women who ignore their own health by prioritizing the needs of everyone else. The symptoms associated with this depletion, as uncomfortable as they may be, are actually a sign of our body’s intelligence. Body Wise is a system that will empower y…

043 – Thyroid Healing: Interview with Izabella Wentz

If you have suffered from fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, abnormal weight loss or gain, dry skin, depression, muscle aches, and the countless other possible symptoms the hidden reason behind all of these symptoms might be your thyroid gland health. Dr. Izabella Wentz suffered from all the above symptoms. She used her scientific training and did some research to discover the root cause of her thyroi…

042 – Recovery From Eating Disorder: Interview with Aglaee Jacob

recovery from eating disorder
In this month’s edition of SHE SHARES HER STORY, Aglaee, a registered dietician (R.D), shares her personal and intimate journey of how she overcame emotional and binge eating. Allowing herself to be very vulnerable in this interview, she reveals her terrible secret, a secret she was so ashamed of that she even hid it from herself for years. Aglaee’s courage is a powerful source of inspiration for…

041 – Wahls Recipe Book Review: Interview with Terry Wahls

Walhs recipe book review
Dr. Terry Wahls went from being confined to a wheelchair, paralyzed by progressive multiple sclerosis, to riding her bike to work in less the 1 year. She was a practicing doctor who had to look into her zone of discomfort to find the solution to her health problems and transform her health. Today, she helps other health warriors find the power of food and how going Beyond the Food can impact their…

040 – Lifestyle Choices: Interview with Dr. Perlmutter

Lifestyle choices
Dr. David Perlmutter, a 4-time New York Time bestselling author and neurosurgeon, will teach us how our gut is actually connected to our brain and how one affects the other, and most importantly, what we can do to boost our gut health and brain health. Dr. Perlmutter is taking us through how gut feelings are born, what gratitude can do for our breath health, and the impact of sleep on weight loss.