028 – Q&A: Menopause Symptoms and Solutions

The Beyond The Food Show - episode 028
Esther asked a very popular question: How to lose weight during perimenopause or menopause. I’m taking this question up side down and will provide you with a 5-step solution that is unique and very effective. Perimenopause is a normal phase of a woman’s life and not a disease. However the symptoms don’t have to be!

027 – Crave Cure Testimonial: Kim’s Story

The Beyond The Food Show - episode 027
No more diabetes, depression, mood swings, heavy periods, hot flashes. Fantastic weight loss. This is Kim’s transformation since she joined our community. All of it in 6 months. She was willing to learn new paradigms. She opened herself to share and receive and which resulted in her achieving her goals. She is a beautiful gorgeous woman who shares her story with us!

026 – Q&A: My Diet Doesn’t Work for Me…Now What?

The Beyond The Food Show - episode 026
Today we answer Cindy question regarding what she can do when her weight loss diet doesn’t work. Most women are faced with this situation at least one in their life and the answer lies within the concept of sensory acuity and bio individuality. We diving in to a solution for Cindy and maybe you!

025 – How to Lose Weight: Interview With Megan Nagy, Pro Athlete

How to lose weight
Megan Nagy, professional beach volleyball player and member of the Canadian Team, opens up about topics that most female pro athletes won’t go to: her personal struggle with poor body image and her weight struggle. Megan shares her journey in holistic approach to self discovery, a holistic approach which led her to being a better person and athlete. She now rocks her sports uniform with pride!

024 – Q&A: Why Knowing Triglyceride Level is Important

why knowing triglyceride level is important
Are you an empowered patient? If want to lower your triglycerides and need to understand how to achieve this episode is for you. Debbie is a great example of being an empowered patient. She reviewed her own blood test results and although her doctor was telling her that everything was fine she didn’t think so…and she was right!