050 – Discover The Secret Cause Of Your Cravings: The Crave Cure Series

Discover the secret cause of your cravings
It’s episode 50 of The Beyond The Food Show and we are celebrating! Our show has a new format with full videos. I’m also making a special announcement: we’ll be having the first online conference on food cravings in the world, hosted right here on the Beyond The Food Show. We’re beyond excited! I’m also kick starting the Crave Cure Series- Uncovering the Secret Cause of Your Food Cravings. I’m als…

049 – Grounding For Health: Interview with Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Grounding for health
Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a world-renowned cardiologist who takes healing a step further with his research on grounding / earthing. Our ancestors spent time outdoors much more than we do in modern times. Humans always had direct contact with the soil…until recently. Grounding / Earthing is a simple technique that will help you fight the #1 precursor to sickness — inflammation.

048 – Mindset Shift: interview with Alexandra Covucci

Mindset shift
Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? These are the 2 essential questions that will kick start a powerful mindset shift. Alexandra Covucci is a mindset coach who teaches us how we can change the way we think and act by simply being who we want to be. Make better choices!

047 – Toxicity and Health: Interview with Dr. Pizzorno

toxicity and health
Dr. Pizzorno is a leading world authority in science-based natural/integrative medicine. In his latest book, he shows how toxins such as arsenic cause insulin resistance, which is the root cause of diabetes. Our bodies have a tremendous capacity to remain vital, heal themselves, and bounce back. Having the ability to flush out and avoid toxins will help you feel radically better for the rest of yo…

046 – Women Food Desire: Interview with Alexandra Jamieson

women food desire
How does being a woman influence your cravings? Could it be possible that your desires or even sexuality could influence your food cravings? Alexandra Jamieson is the author of Women, Food and Desire. In this episode she will take us through how being a woman can influence your cravings and why perfectionism is actually killing us. Alex and I have a very honest and raw discussion in this episode o…