164-Holiday Survival Guide 

Surviving the holidays can be tough. Thriving in the holiday nearly impossible for some. Perhaps the holiday period is causing you more anxiety than pleasure. The anticipation of seeing certain family members might be causing you to be in an emotional eating rollercoaster. The Beyond The Food Holiday Survival guide will move you from self-destructing eating habits during the holiday to thriving an…

163-Smart Women Don’t Diet… and What They Do Instead

Smart women don’t diet… they do THIS instead. After 27 years of dieting, I’m clear on one thing… diets don’t work. 91% of all women are unhappy about their body and resort to dieting. We think that a “thin” body is going to unlock our happiness, our acceptance, our joy. And 95% of all dieters regain their all weight within 1-5 years. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and ov…

162-All or Nothing Mindset Trap

Do you say things like “I’m on track”, “I’m having a good or bad day” and the ultimate “on and off the wagon”? Absolutist thinking is one of the most common denominators in our Going Beyond The Food community. It’s the source of many emotional eating loops, overeating weekends and restricted food binges. The truth is the all or nothing mindset is a negative thought process also known as cognitive…

161-Are You a Sugar Addict? with Bitten Jonsson

Are you a sugar addict? Is sugar addiction even real? What’s the difference between sugar addiction and emotional eating? If we’re addicted to sugar, what should we do? These are all the questions we will answer with Bitten Jonsson, RN, ADDIS/SUGAR Certified and a Sugar Addiction Specialist. I gave her carte blanche to use my own assessment to explain and help you understand addiction.

160-Practicing the Basics

One superstar student of the current semester of the Going Beyond The Food Academy is seeing so much results in a short 4-week period that she feels the duty to share our method with people in her life that need it. She wanted to know if we have an episode of the podcast she could share with people that would encapsulate our approach and what to do to get started… we didn’t have one. Well, that’…