133-Solving the Night Time Eating Problem

night time eating
Night time eating is real. You aren’t alone! Night time cravings are something that most of us had experienced if not experiencing right now! Night time eating is such a problem these days that it’s actually been made into a disease: The Night Eating Syndrome (NES).  Crazy, right?!  How do we stop it, prevent it and cope with night time eating desire (aka cravings)?  

132-How to Follow Through: 5 Steps to Make Yourself Stick with IT

follow through
How many times have you tried making a promise to yourself to change an old behavior in some way, and then didn’t follow through? From the bottom of your heart, you want to make a change. You are really tired of X and enough is enough. You make the decision to change X negative habit and start doing X instead. Are you aware that not doing what you say you want to do is generally due to what I call…

131-Ask Me: I Can’t Figure Out Why I Overeat?

figure out why I overeat
“I can’t figure out why I overeat and it’s so frustrating”. Most women have a good handle on food. More often than not, we make the best choices possible in selecting food and determining how much we should eat. Yet, we still overeat despite knowing the reason why we do it. But, is the reason that we are thinking the real cause of our overeating? You are probably thinking, “If it’s not the real re…

130-Sexuality: The Missing Link to Healing Emotional Eating with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth

sexuality and emotional eating
If I say that there is a close link between your cravings and love, every lady would agree… but what about our sexuality? Dr. Meuth explains why the level of satisfaction and pleasure we find in our sexual life has a direct impact to our desire for food… at least for emotional eaters which most of us are. Dr. Meuth will teach us a process to raise our feminine essence that will lead to a more …

129-Your Brain & Eating: The Aftermath of Food Insecurity with Dr. Kari Anderson

Brain & Eating
Food insecurity is the state of being without reliable access to food not just lack of quantity but also of choices and nutrition. It doesn’t have to be real… the simple thought of deprivation can set a chain reaction in your brain that will drive cravings, binging or overeating. Dr. Kari Anderson is taking us through step by step how this happen into our mind and provide one of the most efficie…