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213-Women Food and Power

213-Women Food and Power -Stephanie Dodier
Women Food and Power is the emotional story of a woman on a journey away from diet culture back into her power… in the hope that it serves as an inspiration to others.

212-“… but I need to lose weight!” A Conversation with Aaron Flores RD – The Weight Loss Series Part 1

I need to lose weight
The social conditionings of the patriarchy of our modern society had kept me very busy dieting and chasing after the false currency of beauty instead of chasing my dreams. Being consumed by the fear of how my body looks kept me away from my power. But I found my power. My true power. The power to live my life now. Here’s how…

211-The Wisdom of Emotional Eating – Listeners’ Q&A

Wisdom-of-Emotional-Eating-Stephanie Dodier
Can we find wisdom in emotional eating behaviors? Or is emotional eating something to be demonized and eliminated? The vast majority of society say ‘no’ to the first questions and say ‘yesss’ to the second one asking next: What’s the trick to stop emotional eating? What if I said to you there’s a gift in emotional eating… what would be your gut reaction?

210-Diet and Intuitive Eating with Jessica Flanigan from the Loving Diet

Healing-Diet-and-Intuitive-Eating-Stephanie Dodier
In the world of natural health and functional medicine, we often use healing diet and restrictive diet that remove one or more foods from one’s diet, for a period of time, as a method to help patients and clients recover or manage their health conditions. Can healing diet and Intuitive eating be combined? That’s the question I will attempt to answer.

209-Intuitive Eating for Hormonal Health

Women love intuitive eating as a concept but often will refute it based on other advices they receive, found or read on the internet. One of the most frequent situations I encounter is with hormonal health. Women wanting to balance their hormones, perhaps heal their hormones, are being told that to achieve such goal they must restrict certain food, go on a reset hormonal diet or do an elimination…