153-The Solution to Food Addiction

food addiction
Food addiction is a very sensitive subject… and let’s say very controversial. It’s one of these subjects that get people very polarized. It’s either one way or the other. I used to see addiction, food addiction being one of the possible addictions, as this black or white subject. Sugar is addictive and should be avoided for the rest of my life. All forms of sugar were dangerous… like viciously…

152-Finding the Courage to Do What’s Best for You with Jessica Tomasko

Finding the courage to do what’s best for you
In this special bonus edition of The Beyond the Food Show podcast, I’m sharing a powerful case study that will show you how transforming your relationship to food is not only possible without willpower but also transforming your entire life: kids, partner, work and all!

151-How Much Is the Desire to Control Your Food & Weight Really Costing You?

How much is the desire to control your food costing you
How much is the desire to control your food costing you? I’ve decided to write and speak about this topic of “Cost” after a lot of reflection. I was hesitant because I know the values and beliefs that many of us have around money and how sensitive it is for many women.

150-Boost Your Self-Confidence in 4 Steps

Many women wished they had been blessed with more self-confidence so that they can achieve their goal. Thinking that if they had received the gift they would, too be where others are. Here’s the good news, self-confidence is a learned skill. Meaning, you can learn how to have more confidence in yourself. How to improve self-confidence in 4 steps!

149-Ask Me: People Pleasing: How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser

Are you a people-pleaser? Where did that come from? How did you become one? These are the questions you have to ask yourself to be able to know how to stop being a people-pleaser. But, what is a people-pleaser? If you feel that this may be you, you gotta listen to this episode.