009 – What is Menopause? – Interview With Shirley Weir, The Menopause Chick

what is menopause
Discover a new way of thinking about menopause from shaming to thriving and how you can best approach your doctor about this new phase of your life. Shirley Weir aka the menopause chick is no longer willing to tolerate menopause being a taboo subject.

008 – Q&A: 5 Natural Ways to Stop Hot Flashes

Q&A: Today I answer Louise question and give 5 tips on how she needs to think about her hot flash so she can minimize the side effects of menopause.

007 – Interview with Dr. Sachin Patel: Empowered Health

how to achieve your health goals
My guest today Dr. Sachin Patel, a functional medecine doctor that I have been following and inspired by for a number of years now. We are talking about the importance of being responsible for your health and ways in which to empower yourself to achieve your health goals.

006 – Q&A: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Today we answer a question from our audience. This is a though question: What to do when your diet is not getting you the results your desire? Is it the diet or the mindset the issue?

005 – Interview with Jimmy Moore: Stress and Weight

healthy fasting
Today’s episode is and interview with a New York Time Best selling Author and health podcaster and my friend Jimmy Moore and we talk About his 180 lbs weight loss , his new book, his fasting journey and evolution and impact of stress on weight loss and maintenance.