041 – Wahls Recipe Book Review: Interview with Terry Wahls

Walhs recipe book review
Dr. Terry Wahls went from being confined to a wheelchair, paralyzed by progressive multiple sclerosis, to riding her bike to work in less the 1 year. She was a practicing doctor who had to look into her zone of discomfort to find the solution to her health problems and transform her health. Today, she helps other health warriors find the power of food and how going Beyond the Food can impact their…

040 – Lifestyle Choices: Interview with Dr. Perlmutter

Lifestyle choices
Dr. David Perlmutter, a 4-time New York Time bestselling author and neurosurgeon, will teach us how our gut is actually connected to our brain and how one affects the other, and most importantly, what we can do to boost our gut health and brain health. Dr. Perlmutter is taking us through how gut feelings are born, what gratitude can do for our breath health, and the impact of sleep on weight loss.

039 – Zivamind Meditation: Interview with Emily Fletcher

Zivamind meditation
People often spend so much time trying to fix the circumstance of their lives and no time actually changing the THING that is creating the circumstance. Emily Fletcher talks to us about a program she created: ZivaMind . It’s a method that allows you to change the blueprint of your life. By addressing the stress in your life, you will eliminate the negative chatter in your mind.

037 – Fear Leads to Food Cravings: Interview with Dr. Zach Bush

fear leads to food cravings
Dr. Zach Bush reveals to us how fear impacts our health on multiple levels. Our relationship to fear can have devastating effects from cancer to food cravings. Dr. Zach teaches us how to move to a different relationship to fear so we can impact our relationship to food and free ourselves from cravings and disease.

035 – Solution to Emotional Eating: Interview with Dr. Georgia Ede

solution to emotional eating
Are you a yo-yo dieter? It’s not because you want to be, but rather because emotional eating is stronger than your willpower. Dr. Ede, MD, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, teaches us about the root causes of emotional eating beyond just the food. She guides us through a 5-part solution to heal emotional eating.