015 – UnDiet 2017 Series ( #1 of 5) – How to Un-diet Your Life

How to un-diet your life
UnDieting 2017 is a new way of looking at weight loss, ditching the diet and start 2017 in a completely different way. If you are ready for a new way of dealing with your food and try something new this series is for you. Here’s how we are going to do to Undiet 2017 1- Today- We address the main problem and start a revolution in your life 2- Next episode -Stop dieting and start living 3- Episode 1…

014 – Q&A : How to Prevent Holiday Cravings While Traveling

How to prevent holiday cravings
Have you ever wondered why travelling trigers the cravings monster? In today’s episode we are answering Sandy’s question about why she is struggling with cravings when she travels. Tune in as I share 5 Travel Tips for Cravings Time!

013 – How Your Skin Care Products Can Make You Sick: Interview with Trina Felber

Are you nourishing your skin or numbing it and hiding it with products? Tune in to Episode 13 with Trina Felber as we talk about how we need to think beyond the food and into our skin care routine. You might be putting products on your skin today that actually make your hormones more imbalance and make your wrinkle even more prominent.

012 – Q&A: Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas: My Personal Picks for This Year!

Healthy christmas gift ideas
I have been recently asked what would I give for Christmas. In today’s The Beyond The Food Show – episode 012, we will talk about my personal suggestions for healthy holiday gifts. Take a listen to find out which of my 5 top tips would you pick.

011 – Your Personal Energy Management System With Jennifer Lyall

energy management
Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough energy to keep going? Jennifer Lyall will teach us today a powerful system that will allow us to master our energy and emotions so we can live the life we desire no longer being a victim to our emotions and “life”.