159-Live Q&A Session October… Nothing Is Off Limits!

live Q&A session-stephanie-dodier-Blogpost
The last time we did a live recording, the episode quickly went to the top chart! That live Q&A session on Facebook was almost a year ago!  There’s so much fun to do… We are well overdue for another one… Just like the last one, we recorded this one over a Facebook Live during our yearly Going Beyond the Food Project online conference.

158-“Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong”… Almost!

Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong - Huffpost article... Almost!
“Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong” by Micheal Hobbes is controversial… is challenging all of our societal beliefs around obesity all of them. From obesity is the #1 enemy of health to dieting throws it all in the air… and also explains why we suffer so much when stigmatized with weight issues… Is it all true? Almost…

157-Make Peace with Food & Body

Tired of fighting with your body and food? Exhausted of being in a constant struggle with yourself and willpower? Did you know that it doesn’t have to be…? You can change your relationship to food and your body and finally be at peace. Our yearly online conference is back to support your journey to Make Peace with food and body.

156-7 Lessons From Accepting My Body

My journey towards accepting my body has been hard but one of the most rewarding difficult processes I have ever done. I have learned many lessons in this journey which I’ll be sharing with you in this episode. 7 life lessons I have learned and that have seeped through my whole life. 

155-Why You’re Stuck and What to Do!

Do you feel stuck? You want to change yet you can’t get started or perhaps you’ve started the process of change and it’s not getting you where you want to be? In this episode, we are going to breakdown the stages of changes and why no one in this community is in stage one.