141-I Just Need to Be Tougher on Myself… An Easier Way!

need to be tougher on myself
Are you using discipline towards yourself as a motivator? Or at least hoping that it will motivate you? Where did we learn this concept? That harsh discipline is the best behavioral change method… likely how we were raised, right? Is that the way you were taught to be a good girl? Let’s be real honest here… How’s that “being tough” on yourself working for ya? Not so good, right… so, what can…

140-Back Pain: Game-Changing Approach with Steven Ray Ozanich

back pain
Do you suffer from back pain? This approach will be Game Changing for you. This interview with Steven Ray Ozanich, the author of The Great Pain Deception, will share with you the TMS discovery of Dr. Sarno. This approach to healing pain requires no surgery, medication or expensive treatment. The solution is within you right now…

139-Ask Me: Avoiding Food Anxiety–How to Get to Worry-Free Eating

food anxiety
“I just want to be able to eat a damn piece of cake of my B-day without feeling like I’m going to die!” How to get over a lot of the food fear we have developed over the years of dieting or partaking in nutrition education or food philosophy diet?

138-Ask Me: Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

things I'm afraid to tell you
There are some things I’ve been afraid to tell you… things I know I have to share with you but have been afraid to do so.  Afraid of your rejection… being afraid of losing you. This is my left brain fighting my right brain. I know sharing will be nothing but positive and will make us closer. You, the listener, the reader, the follower… but at the same time, my left brain is telling me:  Are…

137-Solving the Finding Time for Self-Care Problem

time for self-care
One of the most common objections I face with new clients and patients is “I just don’t have the time to xxxx”. Fill in the xxx with any activity that is exclusively focused on you or your well-being. You feel like you don’t have the time to get IT all done let alone self-care… seems so far-fetched. How to find time for self-care, movement, and relationship and improve yourself.