187-SHE’s Beyond The Food-Chapter 3: I’m Done with Keto

I quit Keto-Stephanie Dodier
I’m officially making it public: I’m calling it quits with keto and sharing the reasons that led me to make this choice. This is not the type of quitting after just a few months of being Keto or because I didn’t lose weight. This shift is way beyond this…

186-Be the Boss Of You-Intuitive Eating with Evelyn Tribole

Intuitive Eating
You are the boss of you, sister…. no one else. So hire, fire and promote accordingly. I’m sure you wouldn’t tolerate anyone telling you what to do in your own house. You wouldn’t let anyone dictate who your date is, right? Yet we let diets control our food choices and the way we feel about ourselves. That’s what we call diet culture. Sisters, it’s time we stop letting diets control our lives.

185-Five Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition & Higher Intelligence with Dr. Joy Martina

Strengthen Your Intuition
Do you wish to have more guidance in your life, to be more certain that you are making the right choices for you? That knowing is accessible to you right now. This intelligence is inside you, me and all women: It’s called our intuition. In this episode, we explore together the highest form of intelligence: intuition. We will learn how to connect to this superior source of intelligence and also how…

184-Turning Crisis into Awakening with Sheree Clark

Sheree Clark
Are you at a “fork” in the road? You know something needs to change… must change… has to change. You get the feeling that if you don’t make a choice now, life will make one for you. For some, it’s an acute life event that forces them into making a choice… for me, it was collapsing on stage.

183-SHE’s Beyond The Food-Chapter 2

SHE's Beyond the Food-Chapter 2
Just like most of you ladies that have a journey of dieting, exercise has been part of my life in a “not so fun way”… never willingly and because I desired to exercise rather because I HAD TO kind of way:  to burn calories, to burn fat, or to punish myself for cheating on my diet and mostly because I needed to alter my body composition, ….