097 – Can You Be Fat and Healthy?

fat and healthy
Forever we have been taught that being “fat” means we aren’t healthy. It’s supposed that the BMI is the only way to determine if we are “fat” and therefore unhealthy… But is it? In the same way that many thin people aren’t healthy, can fat people be healthy? I’m proposing today that we could pursue health without weight loss… in the same way that cholesterol doesn’t cause heart attack (yes, it…

096 – The #1 Reason Why Nothing Changes

why nothing changes
I guarantee you that if you listen to this audio recording everything will change. I mean you will feel better, you will make more money and lose weight. I’ll teach you what made me successful in nearly all aspects of my life. Is it easy? Yes but you need one thing… YOU!

095 – The Biggest Secret the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Your Food with Robyn Openshaw from Green Smoothie Girl

Food energetic frequencies
The biggest secret the food industry doesn’t want you to know about your food… that is what Going Beyond The Food is all about. Going Beyond The Food means understanding vibrational frequency. You are vibrating right now, so is your liver and your brain, so is whoever is sitting next to you. The words you speak have vibration. The food you eat has a vibration frequency. Your level of vibration is…

094 – The Impact of Your Pregnancy and Birthing Experience with Anne Margolis Holistic Midwife

pregnancy and birthing experience
Your experience with pregnancy and birthing process may have an impact on how you feel today and your relationship to food. Anne Margolis Holistic Midwife is taking us to the journey and potential impact of how we, as women are being birthed to being pregnant ourselves and finally giving birth. How we experience and live through this journey can impact how we live our lives today. 

093 – The Surprising Truth About Happiness with Gillian Mandich

Happiness…We all want it or we want more of it. We eat more than we should because we don’t have it. Happiness is at the center of most of our goals…In some cases, we believe that if we do more of X we will be happier. But is it really the case? PhD Gillian Mandich has studied happiness and will reveal to us what it takes to be happy and how it affects our health and, yes, our cravings!