136-Ask Me: Need Permission to Be Imperfect? Here It Is!

permission to be imperfect
If you think that being perfect is still the best strategy in your attempt to reach your goal, you need to listen to this audio. If you have been trying to be perfect and are tired of striving for perfection… You too need to listen to this audio. 

135-Body Neutrality: Safe bridge between Shame and Positivity

body neutrality
I posted this photo of myself in a bathing suit on Instagram last week and wrote a short post on my thoughts… Never expecting what happens next. Body Neutrality is a concept we teach in the Going Beyond the Food Academy. It’s a liberating new concept in which you accept your body for what it is without judgment and hoping for better. Not good, aka body positivity; NOT bad, body shaming. In the m…

134-Ask Me: Why Do I Continue to Do Things When I Know They’re Going to Cause Me Grief?

Why do I continue to do things when I know they’re going to cause me grief?  I ‘ve asked myself this question for years and thought something was deeply wrong with me. I wasn’t able to stop eating chips… It’s like my mind was possessed by someone else. I would do it knowingly I was to regret it after and wished I didn’t do it. Why is that?  I found the answer to my question and I felt so relieve…

133-Solving the Night Time Eating Problem

night time eating
Night time eating is real. You aren’t alone! Night time cravings are something that most of us had experienced if not experiencing right now! Night time eating is such a problem these days that it’s actually been made into a disease: The Night Eating Syndrome (NES).  Crazy, right?!  How do we stop it, prevent it and cope with night time eating desire (aka cravings)?  

132-How to Follow Through: 5 Steps to Make Yourself Stick with IT

follow through
How many times have you tried making a promise to yourself to change an old behavior in some way, and then didn’t follow through? From the bottom of your heart, you want to make a change. You are really tired of X and enough is enough. You make the decision to change X negative habit and start doing X instead. Are you aware that not doing what you say you want to do is generally due to what I call…