081 – The Secret Fear of Success

Do you even know there’s such a thing as fear of success? This fear is real for most women looking to change their relationship to food. However, very few of them are aware of this fear. You must learn to recognize the fear of success so you can move forward and up to achieving your goals.

080- Building Self Confidence: Interview with Ella the Host of On Air with Ella

Listen to the episode: Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Building Self Confidence 101 Do you suffer from the imposter syndrome? Or maybe scarcity mindset or always compare yourself to others? We diving deep into a way to Build Your Self Confidence. Ella will share with us the 3 Self Confidence Killers and what we need to do to increase our own Self Confidence. Is it possible that if we had more s…

079 – Stress eating may actually be life saving!

stress eating may actually be life saving!
Listen to the episode: Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Stitcher Stress Eating May Actually Be Saving Your Life! Stress eating may actually be helping you and help you save your own life. Stress in itself is not the problem, it’s actual a very healthy mechanism it’s like an alarm system that we need to make changes. It’s stress is like an alarm system Last episode, I had a successful live Q & A sessi…

077 – How to Put Yourself First Without Guilt

How to put yourself first without guilt
The word “self care” is central to many of my teaching because I strongly believe and know that if you don’t take care of yourself…no one will. Nothing new for most of you but the big challenge is HOW to put yourself first without the guilt. If you can wrap your head around practicing self care without feeling guilty, the magic will happen. It’s possible and it’s just another mindset hack to be un…

076 – Self Compassion, Hormonal Imbalance, Social Eating, Amenorrhea and Much More – Live Q&A with the Community

self compassion
This episode of The Beyond The Food Show is an experiment… If you like it, we will do it again. I recorded a live Q&A with the members of my community. I answered questions about: self compassion, hormonal imbalance, social eating, amenorrhea, sugar cravings, fermented food, and our favorite supplement, collagen!