120-Ask me:Self-Compassion Lesson

What does it even mean to be self-compassionate? We give compassion to others without difficulties, however, when it comes the time for us to be more compassionate towards ourselves… that’s a struggle. Today, will explore first what is self-compassion and why it’s so important to the mastery of our relationship to food.

119-Emotional Eating:5 Mistakes Women Do When Trying to Stop

Emotional Eating: 5 Mistakes
You are a smart woman and results in your life show it, however, your relationship to food is still a challenge. You know you shouldn’t be eating every night when chilling in front of the TV or hiding to eat your chocolate, so your partner doesn’t see you. The reason why you are still challenged with food is likely because you are making one of the same 5 mistakes that took me years to learn… bu…

118 – Ask Me: Driven & Successful in everything but food… why? Type A ladies, this is for you!

Type A women
“I can’t figure out why I make excuses…” or “ If I could only control my food the same way I do with the rest of my life THEN, I could lose weight and have the perfect life.” Then you would be good enough… You are successful everywhere else in your life except in one area: Food aka weight. There is only one problem: You’ll never be successful with ” food & weight” using the same approach as you do…

117 – Soothing with Body Kindness Instead of Food with Rebecca Scritchfield

Body Kindness
Imagine a graph with two lines. One indicates happiness, the other tracks how you feel about your body. If you’re like millions of people, the lines do not intersect. But what if they did? It’s normal to feel and experience an array of emotions which sometimes trigger a downward spiral. What if instead of reaching for food we practice Body Kindness. From downward spiral to upward spiral, Rebecca S…

116 – Ask Me: What I resist persists… Why is it so?

what you resist persists
What you resist persists – Carl Jung. This quote inspired a Community member to bring this question forward: “The more I focus on losing the last X pounds the harder it becomes. Why? ” Sometimes it appears that the more we work hard on getting rid of something or change what we think of as negative about us just becomes bigger and hard. Here’s the fact…. it’s a fact: What we focus on becomes big…