Portuguese Green Soup Recipe

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portuguese green soup recipeThe first time I was introduced to Portuguese food was at the house a  friend of mine.  Her lovely mother-in-law cooked lunch for us. This is where I got my inspiration for this Portuguese green soup recipe.

She served Portuguese green soup made with this yummy sausage…it was filling and super tasty. The “greens” of the Portuguese green soup are actually collard greens. In the traditional recipe, the collard greens are sliced so thin that it literally melts in your mouth.

It was told that Portuguese women actually use a special device that allows for the collard greens to be sliced as thin as hair. Thank you Isabel for sharing this traditional recipe with me 🙂

Portuguese Green Soup Recipe

I created my own version of this traditional Portuguese green soup recipe. I eliminated the white potatoes and replaced it with parsnips and made my own sausage spice blend. It is tasty with a notch more kick to it because of the chipotle spice. This is a full meal soup with the pork, vegetables and coconut oil. So enjoy!

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