Just listen, your body is talking to you
Your body has messages for you. Are you listening?

Do you remember in grade school giving your first presentation in front of the class… the jitters you felt in your legs? Or the first date with the guy you really really liked… the butterflies in your tummy?

These are all example of how your mind and body is connected. Science has confirmed the existence of this connection with the “placebo effect”.

This seminar will teach you which steps we need to take in our life to be able to hear the messages our body is sending us and how to understand these messages. This seminar is the perfect place to start as you enter your healing journey and recognize that there is more to healing then medication, dieting or beating yourself up. 

Topics to explore:
-My personal experience in body messages
-Scientific evidence related to the mind-body connection
-8 common and specific examples of mind and body messages
-5 step process to enhance your mind-body connection

Included in the seminar price:
- 24/7 lifetime access to the seminar to watch / read / refer to as many times as you need
- Video-based seminar with Stephanie presenting
- A downloadable / printable PDF with all the slides from the seminar

Additional Notes
-This seminar is 100% digital. Nothing will be mailed to you.
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