Mind-Body Weight Loss
The eat less-exercise more concept to weight loss has proven to be a complete and total failure with 98% of dieters gaining back their lost weight, and in many cases, more than they began with. Calorie restriction and excessive exercise are just a bandage that temporarily covers up the real, underlying causes of weight gain.

To achieve lasting results, we need to quit dieting and solve our weight loss challenge forever by finding the cause and working holistically to reverse it. Not addressing the reason why we gain weight means that it is just a matter of time before we regain the lost weight.

This seminar will teach you how to have a completely different perspective to weight loss and understand weight gain. Our thoughts have a strong impact on our food cravings and our desire to eat. Ignoring our mind is what makes most of us yo-yo diet.

Topics to explore:
- My personal journey yo-yo dieting and my permanent 100 lb. weight loss
- Relationship between emotions and food cravings
- Root causes of weight gain
- How to integrate the Mind-Body Connection in weight loss
- Solutions to achieve permanent weight loss 

Included in the seminar price:
- 24/7 lifetime access to the seminar to watch / read / refer to as many times as you need
- Video-based seminar with Stephanie presenting
- A downloadable / printable PDF with all the slides from the seminar

Additional Notes
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