Balsamic Strawberry Dressing for Salad

strawberry dressing for saladWe are in the peak season for berries here in Ontario. Farmer’s market and grocery stores are loaded with beautiful red, blue, and orange berries. It is the perfect time to whip up some strawberry dressing for salad!

In North America, the hunter gatherer tribes gathered berries because they were abundant, naturally sweet, and easy to dry for later use. Some Iroquois tribes gathered up to a dozen varieties. The bottom line is if a berry didn’t make them sick, they ate it. Our ancestors knew best!

Health Benefits

Today we know that blueberries for example have 4 times more antioxidants than other fruits. Wild blueberries have 100X more nutrition than regular blueberries! Strawberry are very high in Vitamin C and anthocyanin which have anti-viral properties.

Most of us are used to eat our berries as a snack or with our breakfast …. but a strawberry dressing for salad ??? This is by far one of the best dressings I have ever had!

Balsamic Strawberry Dressing for Salad: So Unique and Tasty!

The strawberry balsamic dressing is sweet, tart and juicy all at the same time. Combine with a basic spinach and strawberry salad . It is very powerful for your health but at the same, very creative and you can impress your guests with this recipe.

Pick the best of the best strawberries – ones that are deep red and firm. Mine were selected from my Sunday morningFarmer Market run.

strawberry dressing for salad

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