Success Stories

What Stephanie’s clients are saying…

debi“Just want to say if your Diabetic follow the Crave Cure plan and you will get better!! I am and my numbers are starting to go into normal numbers. Regular doctors and their nutritionists don’t give you the truth. They want to scare you and give you a pill. I know because they did that to me! I will never take a pill because in doing so I would only get sicker. So stay strong Stephanie will not lie to you. I am speaking of Type 2 Diabetes. #ketoconnetor #forlife” – Debi Greene

liz“Stephanie you are amazing and very inspiring. Thank you. Stephanie Dodier, your way of explaining things. Knowing it’s not all about the scale but about getting healthy. You may have saved my life! I have never felt so free of food and its hold on me. I have struggled with weight and food issues my full life. I am fighting demons every day and winning thanks to you! You will never know how much you have changed my life. The support and sharing from all the ladies have been a great help to me as well. What an amazing group of women.” – Liz Jennings

melissa“I have been so enjoying Stephanie’s podcasts – she has an amazing lineup of guests and I love the way she connects with them to really illustrate how our life experiences/challenges always go beyond food. As a health practitioner I love the informative side of the podcasts and then Stephanie’s lovely personality and humor make it also very entertaining to listen to. A must add to your podcast list!” – Melissa Patruno

jan“I have learned more from Stephanie’s Facebook page and podcasts than I ever have in 36 on and off again years trying to follow every popular diet program and book to hit the shelves. The podcast on yo-yo dieting was my inspiration for this five-star review. Everything she teaches suddenly made complete sense to me. I was diagnosed with type two diabetes in June. I was scared straight. I found Stephanie randomly while researching ways to lower my blood glucose naturally. I will be a faithful follower” – Jan Gurgul

colleen“As Stephanie and many others know, I am a recovering Agoraphobic. I’ve come a long way but driving over bridges and on highways and freeways are my big remaining challenges. This week I’ve faced the demons and driven over roads with bridges I was avoiding. My business trip today was an hour north. There and back on secondary highways and over the overpasses without even thinking about it. I challenged 1 exit on a major highway/freeway a couple of times. I attribute this reduction in driving anxiety to the self-love I’ve given to myself over the past month. Mostly is due to listening to Stephanie and following her suggestions and also to course in Dynamic Visioning I’ve been taking and practicing. Also, I want to thank all of you for your support as I’ve walked this walk… you all Rock. Huge appreciation goes out to Stephanie who gives so freely. Namaste.” – Colleen Lowe

pauline“To all the ladies around the world I need to tell you that Stephanie Dodier has saved my life. I meet Stephanie over a year ago at Goodness Me as she was teaching about “Cravings”. She had hooked and attended her Mind Body Retreat on October 2015. As many of you, I watched her podcasts and Facebook and became part of her community but my life CHANGED when I hired Stephanie to be my clinical nutritionist early this year. We started with her giving me a web-based meeting and then sending me a letter to present to my Doctor for blood work. She also sent a Saliva test kit in the mail. My Dr would never have done these tests without the guidance of Stephanie and the results came in. I have an autoimmune disorder. I also have an excess amount of thyroid hormones in my system with is at this point looking like hyperthyroidism possible Graves’ disease. My ovaries are over producing estrogen and under producing testosterone. I have way too much Cortisol to shake a stick at and you know what. “my body knew something was wrong”… Stephanie knew it too… but the medical system just never investigated far enough. I owe my life to you, Stephanie. Ultrasound Specialist more blood work but on my way to another new me. Love you, Stephanie.” – Pauline Magri Pierson

“Stephanie, you speak so well! I love that you talked about your emotional attachment to food, it’s something I just don’t see addressed by the LCHF community nearly enough. Brilliant interview!!!!” – Michelle Lamperd

linda“I have tried Weight Watchers, Ionamin, Starvation, overeaters anonymous/ food addiction meeting. Most recently I was trying to find a treatment center that I could go to because my eating was so out of control. I now feel like IT’S POSSIBLE to reach my goal of being healthy. It doesn’t feel like a temporary fix. I cannot believe how much I have learned in such a short time.” – Linda Mason

piera“Working with Stephanie has impacted not only me but my family as well. I always felt I was pretty knowledgeable about the right food choices to make, but I still needed help to get to a better me. She taught me not only how food influences our bodies, but how it helps to influence our moods, alertness, and energy. Take care of yourself on the inside with the right food choices and your body will reward you. She educated my children and gave them awareness to healthy eating that I wasn’t able to do. She’s given me the building blocks to a healthier lifestyle that I will carry with me for years to come, and for that I am grateful.” – Piera Diab, Accountant

jacquie“Prepare to dig deep! Working with Stephanie is not like any other diet or nutritional counseling I’ve ever received. She gets to the heart of emotional issues and is passionate about sharing healthy new ways to live well while helping me work towards my goals. Working with Stephanie has been a body, mind and soul experience.” – Jacquie Sands, Health Care Administrator

laurie“The information that you shared about food cravings was life-changing for me. I have asked several therapists about stopping uncontrollable late night munchies. They’ve all offered up some truly unhelpful advice like “try having a protein shake” or “get those big chewy pretzels that take a long time to eat” (&%^ to both of those, am I right?)

I was blown away when you were talking in-depth about getting to the root of the craving. I’m tearing up thinking about it because I have been struggling with this for decades!” – Laurie Cromie, Author

christne“Stephanie was recommended to me by a friend who was trying to make some dietary changes. I also wanted a change and so my journey with Stephanie began. Once we cleaned up my diet I realized that Stephanie provided me with much more. Stephanie has the talent to tap into my emotional needs and I found she understands me more than I understand myself. I have a spiritual connection with Stephanie and I have truly found my Life Coach.” – Christne Vyshaft

claire“Thank you Stephanie for teaching me the importance of the major role the gut has on our physical as well as our emotional well-being. I will forever be grateful that you have taught me the importance of eating good fat, proteins and vegetables. Fermented vegetables and bone broth are also now part of my diet and I enjoy making my own. To think that for years I assumed gas was just a normal everyday occurrence! Today, I still have a hard time believing it happens so rarely and even more so that I can usually predict it when I may splurge and enjoy a treat that my body doesn’t necessarily appreciate. It is also so nice to know that you are just an email away when I have a question or a problem. – Claire Alger, Administrator

shelley“Working with Stephanie has definitely been an eye opener for me and worth every penny. Stephanie has helped me make the connection between my emotional body and physical body, which has helped me heal and also lose weight.

“I was hypoglycemic for over 15 years and was eating very healthy – according to 3 nutritionists that I had seen. I was eating every 1.5 to 2 hours.  I am no longer hypoglycemic and will go 4 – 5 hours between meals.  A huge win for me!!!
I used to have a lot of pain in my knees, hips etc from arthritis. I used to have difficulty walking up the stairs.  With Stephanie’s help, I have eliminated the inflammation in my body and no longer have any joint pain.  I can run up and down the stairs.

“I had a lot of stress in my life and this was causing pain in my physical body.  Stephanie gave me the tools to immensely reduce this stress and reduced the pain in my body.  Also, in working with Stephanie, I learned about the connection between the emotional body and physical body and how to listen to these and make connections.  When she first told me this, I was not a believer.  However, I now have the living proof and I’m so thankful I kept listening to her and worked hard to get where I am today.

“Lastly, I learned how much stress was affecting my weight.  I have now lost 25 lbs and I’m still working on it.  Meditation and breathing have been a life saver for me.

“The real food diet is tough to adjust to at first but now that I’ve been on it for a while, it’s quite simple. I feel great, my skin looks great, I have 10 times more energy (and don’t need to drink coffee in the morning!) and I now have the tools to help me get through future emotional situations and listen to my body before the knock comes at the door.

“Stephanie is a very smart lady and has lived through this herself.  She gets it.  She is very helpful and supports every step of the way.  She will be direct and tell you the way it is, which I love. She is very passionate about what she does and has every client’s best interest at heart.  She wants every one of them to succeed like she has.

“I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to either lose weight or help with any other health issues.” – Shelley Langlois, 51 years old

“My work with Stephanie has been life-changing. For years, I’ve had a pretty good idea of what I should be doing to enjoy a healthier, more balanced life but never really got around to it. Or, when I did, my new habits didn’t ‘stick’ and I’d be back to my old ways once under stress or busy. Stephanie has provided me with an education on things I didn’t know, a reminder of those I did know, and more importantly, the structure and support that I needed to make changes to my nutrition while incorporating physical activity and increased spiritual awareness. It has all come together for me in a way I never thought possible. I’ve never felt better and I’ve created healthy, balanced habits that will last a lifetime!” – Connie C. 46 years old. – Find out more about Connie’s back to health journey with Stephanie

maggie“My experience with Stephanie was an eye opening experience. I had worked with a natural path in the past and was ‘educated’ on food. Prior to working with Stephanie, I was living what I thought was a ‘clean’ lifestyle. I was eating clean and working out 5 days a week. However, still felt exhausted and was not dropping any pounds. Once I started with Stephanie I was shocked to learn that I was in fact starving and overworking my body. In no time Stephanie had me feeling energized, clear headed and on the right path! I have never felt this healthy and alive. My journey didn’t stop there, Stephanie also gave me homework and had me address the emotional and spiritual aspects. It amazed me how much indeed those are all connected! Stephanie has given me a new outlook not only on my nutrition but also on life itself! Stephanie is like no other! She has a love and genuine interest in her clients!! She has been an amazing mentor and the best teacher I could have ever asked for!!!!

Thank you my dear!!!!” – Maggie K., Registered Massage therapist, 30 years old

mariam“This journey has been extremely beneficial on numerous levels. The information and knowledge is broken down so simply, enabling you to live a healthy and positive life. These tools are priceless and so is the experience with Stephanie. – Mariam, Financial Administrator, 32

chris“As I got home I got a voicemail from my gynecologist about my ultrasound- she just called and said I only have 1 fibroid left!!! I see her in the fall to discuss it more.  WOW — 2 months of changing habits and my fibroids are almost gone!! I want her to to an ultrasound on me in the fall to prove they are all gone!!! Just wanted to share the good news!!! – Chris Z., Engineer

louise“Went to the doctor yesterday for my regular visit.

January 2014 HbAIC was 7.5
April 2014 HbAIC was 5.8
July 2014 HbAIC was 4.6

So, I am very happy with these numbers. Also, yesterday the doctor completely stopped my medication. As well, I am very happy about this medication change. Thank you for your help and guidance.” – Louise, stay at home mom

ellie“I have had the chance to work with Stephanie one on one as well as in a group setting, having her present to a large group of personal trainers. She is incredibly passionate, personable & delivers her message in a clear, engaging way. The education she provided the group was easy to take back and implement right away.”– Ellie Starrett, Regional Fitness Manager

nikki“My periods the past two months have been completely normal. Once a month and they’ve last about 1 week. I’m so happy about that. I’ve lost some more weight… although when I went away last month with my mom it did go up a bit. It was challenging to control what goes in at an all-inclusive resort. But as soon as I got back, I returned to my healthy way of life. So the weight is back down again.

Thanks for everything Stephanie. Besides marrying my husband, choosing to go on this journey with you was the best decision I ever made!” – Nikki, Aesthetician, Milton

“Stephanie is a valuable asset to my family as a health consultant. Her extensive knowledge in nutrition (especially the GAPS and Paleo Diet) made my life so much easier. When I first started the GAPS diet, I was so overwhelmed and stressed with our continuous health issues. Although the book was in my possession and all the recipes outlined, I felt like I was walking up a very steep cliff. I needed someone to tell me where to begin, how to manage/organize myself, where to get resources easily, when to push forward and when to stop and wait. In just 6 months of working with Stephanie, I did not just organize myself; I learned patience, I learned how to listen to our body and interpret it. The best thing I have ever done for my family is work with Stephanie and the results I’m seeing is nothing short of a miracle.” – Amal S. Electrical Engineer.

cheryl“You have been such an inspirational leader in my nutritional journey. I always enjoyed our sessions and value the learning I continue to integrate in my life today. Thank you for your generosity and openness. Thank you for your generosity. From a sweet tooth client…” -Cheryl C, EVP Human resources.