Healthy Party Snack Ideas

The ladies in the free and private online community have been asking for Super Bowl snack ideas that they can also use for weekends and other family gatherings.

The options below are a sure crowd-pleaser and will be super easy to make! I wanted to quickly inspire you to make some Super Bowl snacks that are easy, quick and healthy!

I hope this finds you just in time for your Superbowl planning and hopefully, I got to you before your grocery shopping was done…

I have used this trick with my guests many times and it works every time even with kids lol!  đź™‚ Here we go:

Porkitos: The #1 Super Bowl Snack Idea on My List

So so easy, yet so freaking delicious! It is simply prosciutto baked! Make the saltiest and delicious chips ever! You can serve this with a simple mayo.

get recipe here

super bowl snack

Chips: Believe It or Not, It’s a Good Snack! 

Yes chips! These chips are special: no hydrogenated oils seeds oil or vegetable cooking process. Simply 3 ingredients: potatoes, avocado oil, and sea salt. Bang!

You can get these at most health food stores! Serve with guacamole, salsa, hummus…

super bowl snack

Guacamole: A Delicious and Healthy Dip

Now you can make your own or you can buy it. Most health food stores sell guacamole that is fresh and has no added ingredients or preservatives. There’s no need to have added oil in guacamole… the fat from the avocado is enough to watch for that when you buy it.

Here a quick and easy recipe

Finger-Lickin’ Yummy Wings

Here’s the deal with wings: I love them because it’s simply chicken. The problem comes when you buy them from the store: canola oil, gluten in the breading, preservatives in the spices with loads of white table salt and sugar, etc… Yet it’s so easy to make at home and it tastes better.

Here’s my secret for making crispy wings at home: a baking rack. You must cook your wings on a simple baking rack that will sit on top of a baking sheet so the fat from the wings will drop to the bottom of the pan. This will allow the skin on the wings to dry and get all yummy and crispy. Simple!

My favourite Honey Garlic simple recipe right here

super bowl snack

Bacon wrapped dates:  A Novel Snack Idea

This is what everybody talks about when I make this snack… At first everyone is like “Bacon wrap dates … no, are you sure ?!?”. Then they have one and they can’t stop eating them. The sweetness of the dates mixed with the saltiness of the bacon is a “killer”. My advice: make a lot more than what you think you will need because it will be a sold out item – lol!

My recipe here uses pineapple but you can easily skip that or even replace it with goat cheese, if you tolerate dairy.

Get recipe right here

super bowl snack


That’s it ! Enjoy your week-end and your Super Bowl snack!



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