Undiet Your Life is a live and Interactive  coaching program for women who have decided to say no more to diet culture and want to live a better, fuller and bolder life today!

Learn to think better so you can feel better about yourself and your body and eat better unconditionally to the size of your pants.

Reshape your mind not your body

Think Better

Feel Better

Eat Better


Who is this program for?



We all want to feel good in our skin.

No one woman wants to have means girl voices in their head.

Obsessing about food and our body means a ½ lived life.

We deserve to be out of the shame & self-doubt spiral.

This is a feminist coaching program uniquely designed  for people socialize as women.

The goal:  Help women liberate themselves from the “weight” of body ideals and diet culture.

Even though loving your body is a total no-brainer, shutting down the unwanted societal conditioning that holds you back is anything but.

The process: Reshaping your mind instead of your body.

So many women dedicate way too much time to worrying about their bodies, the food they’re eating, and how they’ll be perceived by others.

This program will help you get selective about what you believe, think and how you spend your ressources so that you can create your best life.

You (and you life) are so much more than your body.

It’s not enough to know what we don’t want, we need a framework for understanding & pursuing what we do want.


What if you stop trying to fix your body for 1 year and see what happens?



Let’s do this!


  • Embodying unwearying confidence no matter the size of your pants?
  • Being able to eat confidently & healthy for the rest of your life effortlessly?
  • Feeling like you can trust yourself with anything?

Sound Good?





  • Fill your closet with bright colour clothes that fit your now body
  • Have your favourite brownies in the pantry without the fear of eating them in one sitting.
  • Prioritizing your own needs 
  • Ask for that salary increase  because you know you are worth it


That level of confidence is available to you now… in fact it’s in you right now but unless you take intentional actions nothing will change.

non-diet coaching certification stephanie

Here’s what you might not know


You (and your body) are not the problem. Diet culture – the lens through we view beauty, health, and our own bodies- is the problem, and it affects us all.

Unfortunately, the unrelenting pressure to be thin messes with our heads and our life’s.

The hangover of diet culture has left us feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, stuck in self-doubt and shame, continually obsessing about food and living a half-life.

It’s not that you can’t eat normally or accept your body, it’s that you haven’t been given the resources, taught the skills and socialized to approach life this way.

And to that we say….

Hell no! No more…


Let’s change this for you…. and the next generation of women!

The Solution?

Reshape your mind not your body

Change the thoughts you think so you can feel better about yourself and your body without losing any weight... and take health promoting actions because you want to.

Undiet Your Life

Eating better.

Feeling better.


But first, you have to shed the fear that keeps you and  women everywhere from trusting and loving their own bodies.

While society continues to perpetuate diet culture and disempower women, it’s all too easy to get dragged into the same thought and behavioral patterns. 

Here’s why most women struggle to connect to their innate power:

The idea that we’re not worthy if we’re not beautiful (and thin & healthy) has eaten into our sense of confidence and control. We’ve spent so long believing that we aren’t good enough as we are that being ourselves has become an act of rebellion in itself. 

And that's why we start our journey by 


Thinking better.

The Undieted Life is when:

  • Food has become “just a thing” like all the other things in your life
  • Eating is a peaceful part of your life and ... simple!
  • Your confidence is unshakable and doesn't change with the size fo your pants, it’s now a feeling you create from the inside out.
  • You are at peace with who you are and how you look now.
  • You take  care of yourself and your body because you want to.
  • You’ve shed the restricted version of yourself and you live a life believing in your possibilities.


And most important you claim back your time and resources to pursue your desires and create your best life..... NOW!



Living a better, fuller and bolder life.



I'm inviting you to reshape your mind alongside me and my team 

Join Undiet Your Life today
and get:


When you join you’ll get access to three step process designed to help you change the way you think, how you eat and how you feel about your body.

Inside your personalize web portal you will access the 3 steps process via pre-recorded video lessons so you can progress on your own schedule and pace.



Learn how to change your thoughts & beliefs and processed your emotions so you can feel confident to feel better and eat better.

  • Master the self-coaching process - mental health
  • Ride the wave of your feelings - emotional wellness
  • Learn to believe new thoughts to create new results
  • Change your thought about food, health and bodies to change your life.


Step 02 | PEACEFUL


Learn how to  eat better  and trust yourself with food. Eat in a way that feels right to you.  Intuitive eating is the self-care eating framework that will guide your back to normal eating

  • Decoding emotional eatingmental & emotional wellness
  • Power up your innate eating cues - eat when hungry, stop when full and eat with satisfaction. 
  • Create food freedom - end compulsive eating and food fears.
  • Learn to practice easy self-care & gentle nutrition - physical wellness

step 03 | LIBERATED


Learn how to change the way you think, feel and see your body.  Develop a deep sense of respect and trust for your body. 

  • So you want to lose weight? - Detox your dieting stories
  • You don’t need to love your body- Develop body neutrality
  • Feeling safe in your body - Nervous system regulation
  • Betting on yourself- The body compass

What's Inside

When you join we spend 12 months together. You receive unlimited access to student portal, bi-weekly coaching calls, private podcast, pre-recorded trainings and life coaching tools. 

The UnDiet your Life Curriculum

When you join Undiet Your Life, you’ll get access to three modules designed to help you change the way you see your body and your relationship with food. With these life-changing video lessons in your toolkit, you’ll have everything you need to erase the rules of diet culture and shift into a truly confident, peaceful, liberated state of being.

On-demand Workshops

Every movement needs a collection of passionate experts behind it, and Undiet Your Life is brimming with them. Think of this as a choose-your-own-adventure portal, where you can dive into specialty training based on what you are experiencing at the time you are experiencing it.  If ever you feel yourself gravitating towards the thoughts and beliefs that have long controlled your experience in your own body, or something totally new comes up, these workshops will be there to support you and guide you.

On-demand coaching and continuous support

Through Coach Corner, our unique on-demand coaching system, you can submit a question or coaching request and get an answer in your inbox from one of our coaches within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends. 

Bi-weekly live group coaching calls

Facilitate through zoom, these virtual sessions will have face to face with a coach to get your questions answered, get personalized coaching or simply hang out with other women on the same journey as you.

Private podcasts

Get access to all of classes and workshop via our private podcast feed so you can learn on the go.

Addtionally Stephanie has recorded over 100 short bites episodes that provide advice & coaching on the most frequent "sticking points". Get step-by-step advice and answers to your questions (as well as the ones you might not have thought to ask).

Daily accountability check-in

We send you a SMS text every morning to inspire you.

Check-ins will keep you on your very own success path and keep you moving forward.

Mindset shifts are long-term projects that rely on consistent effort, and accountability is everything! 

N.B: availbale for students in countries allowing promotional style SMS.  

How it works:

The Support System

And to Make Sure You're Supported Every Step Of The Way We 've Included:


Live coaching calls 

Bi-weekly live coaching call facilitate through zoom, these virtual sessions will have face to face a coach to get your questions answered, get personalized coaching or simply hang out with other women on the same journey as you.


Private podcasts 

The Q&A sessions on my private podcast are the perfect opportunity to get step-by-step advice and answers to your questions (as well as the ones you might not have thought to ask). 


Daily accountability check-in 

Mindset shifts are long-term projects that rely on consistent effort, and accountability is everything! These check-ins will keep you on your very own success path and keep you moving forward. 


The Life coaching tools

It’s not enough to know what we don’t want, we need a framework for understanding & pursuing what we do want. This part of our coaching program will give you the tools to know what you want your new undieted life to look like, establish new goals and learn to pursuit them hustle free with ease and pleasure.

Reset Your

Exercise Mindset

Learn how to finally get off the start-stop cycle of exercising, and instead, cultivate long-lasting motivation so that moving your body comes naturally for the rest of your life.

Elelvate your


Learn how to change your self-perception and create a new self-image aligned with your new undieted life. Learn to think about your future self and make quality decision to craft an amazing life.


Weight Gain

In this workshop, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to accept your current body and release the fear and anxiety typically associated with weight gain.


Clean Goals

Set your yearly goal(s) in a way that will ensure sustainable and consistent motivation... the whole year! You''ll learn to master the art of creating  clean goals that focus on “creating you” rather than "fixing you".

Other People's

Words & Boundaries

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to set boundaries, have tough conversations, and build resilience to other people's words and opinions about you.


Future Self

Your self-image is what fuels your internal self-dialogue and ultimately your build your confidence and self-esteem.  You'll learn a process to you rewrite your past self and write the script your future self.

Getting your  

Nervous system on board

Learn to master your fear(s) and build the capacity to welcome any emotions by learning to regulate your nervous system in a diet & wellness culture free approach

Believing in myself

Confidence is believing in your abilities while knowing that you will always have your own back no matter what happen. Stop delaying feeling confident based on the size of your pants and learn the skill set require to believe in yourself unconditionally.

Over the next 12 months...

you will: 


More than anything else, Undiet Your Life is about freedom -  the food rules, the self-critical voices, the crazy detoxes & morning routines so you can be free to use your money, time and mental space to pursuit your goals.

Undiet Your Life
Undiet Your Life


Balance your mental and emotional wellness and create lasting calm and peace. Love yourself and the life your live with a lot more energy to give to what really matter to you. Save a lot of money by no longer buying in to any quick fix to redirect towards  your dreams!


So many women dedicate way too much time to worrying about their bodies, the food they’re eating, and how they’ll be perceived by others. This program will help you get selective about how you spend your time.

Undiet Your Life
Undiet Your LIfe


You deserve to live a big life, and live it with confidence - from birth onwards. Our unique combination of mindset and life coaching with the non-diet approach to health and eating  will help you zero in on the things that really matter and the way you want to live. 

Our Clients words

The part we are most proud of?  The empowering change our students experience.

This was a deep dive into my issues with body image and food, and I really learned more about body acceptance and body respect.

Lady Amparo Gundersen

I have come SO far because of this program and would absolutely recommend it to any woman struggling with body issues. This expanded my mind to how I was using food to cope with my emotions. It has made me aware of patriarchy and how much I used to judge my body.

Shelby Cropper

I love how mindset is the first step in this program.  It really helps you build emotional awareness and intelligence and understand how the mind works. I highly recommend this program!

Sandi Ledet-Martin
undiet your life 8
Participating in the Undiet Your Life program was the wake-up call I needed to start a different trajectory in life.

As a 40 year old woman, I realised through this program that I have been continually dieting and operating within a restricting/binging cycle since age 7. Undiet Your Life taught me to see it all differently. I now understand my only way 'out' is to take an entirely different approach. I see women in the 60's still operating in the same framework as I have been operating in for over 30 years, and I am so extremely grateful I found this pathway to break free. I see a different life ahead of me- one that doesn't involve the constant shaming of my body, the constant cycling. I finally realised, it isn't serving me to live like this. And I finally found a way out.


Angie S.
Peace & Confidence are my new reality

The peace I feel about food and my body after taking this program would never have been possible had I stayed enslaved to the belief that I was one diet away from being perfect. Give yourself a chance to find a new path toward healing your relationship with food and create a more nourishing approach to loving yourself and your body.


AM Jamison
undiet your life 7
The pleasure discussion being innate and how I am created is such a release!

It isn’t being selfish or broken. It is simply how I am created. No judgment in pleasure seeking is a key thing I am just now getting. If we ignore the need for pleasure, then we are self-sabotaging, punishing ourselves, or putting others ahead of our basic needs.

Sharon Horch

Real Women

Tell their stories about the UnDiet Your Life experience

I feel like I won the lottery.

I have found the answer after spending my whole life binging and the forcing myself in some diet.  I had been doing this for 35 years. I couldn’t continue like this. I’m so proud of myself. I have the last half of my life to enjoy now!


I regain my self-worth as result I no longer feel the need to explain myself.

I’ve effectively separated food & my body from how I feel about myself. Thank you so much!


Maria Nieves.

I’m so thankful to be going through Stephanie’s program!

Dots are connecting. The pleasure discussion being innate and how I am created is such a release! It isn’t being selfish or broken. It is simply how I am created. No judgment in pleasure-seeking is a key thing I am just now getting. If we ignore the need for pleasure, then we are self-sabotaging, punishing ourselves, or putting others ahead of our basic needs.

Susan Sledge

Meet Our Team

Stephanie Bio Undiet your Life

Hi - I'm Stephanie Dodier (She/Her)

Nutritionist.Reformed Dieter.Coach

About 10 years ago I read a book from Dr. Lindo Bacon “Health at Every Size” and after a 25-year-long dieting career, I decided to stop dieting. I closed my traditional nutrition clinic and created the Going Beyond The Food Method™️.

For the last 8 years I’ve coach women how to claim back their power, hosted the Going Beyond The Food Podcast for the last 6 years and trained health professionals how to undiet their coaching.

I’m the founder of Undiet your Life, I’ve designed the curriculum, I teach the classes and coach on our live coaching calls.

Hi - I'm Unyime Oguta (she/her)

Mom of 3. Coach. Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.

I help women leverage the power of their mind to let go of food fears and obsession, so that they can thrive and feel empowered to honour their needs and transform their lives with ease and confidence.

I'm pursuing my master in public health and building a private practice.

I  facilitate the Office Hours and teach focus classes and facilitate the online community.

Unyime Bio Undiet your Life
Unyime Bio Undiet your Life

Hi - I'm Randi Cox (she/her)

Coach. Mom. Yoga Teacher.

I am a former weight loss coach turned Intuitive Eater. For years, I thought that fitting into a smaller size jeans would bring me happiness, confidence, and opportunities. But after 20 years of hiding my body and missing out on life, I realized that this simply wasn't true. So, I made the bold decision to embrace a non-diet life and be the best body acceptance role model for my daughter.

Now, as a coach, I help women ditch their diets for good and feel comfortable in their current bodies. My goal is to help women become empowered so they can start living their fullest, most confident lives. I believe that happiness and confidence can be found at any size, and it's time to stop 'weighting' and start living.

Program Guarantee 

Your progress is guaranteed, and success is inevitable. 

Learn to eat better & intuitively, feel better & neutral in your now body and think in a way that will create confidence. 

You either think better, eat better and feel better with our process, or we keep coaching you until you do. This means that after the 12 months of access to our program, if you still need to get there, the next 12 months are on us!


Habit School - Undiet Your Life Program

Health Habits School

Unlock Lifelong Health Promoting Habits with Undiet Your Life's Health Habits School.


Are you done with the relentless pursuit of a smaller pant size as the sole indicator of self-care & health?

Diet Culture has conditioned us to focus our self-care motivation solely on "weight loss." But what happens to our health habits when we decide to break free from diet culture? If you're anything like I was, you might find yourself grappling with confusion, procrastination, and a sense of being lost in terms of how to nurture your well-being when it's no longer tied to the goal of reducing body size.

This October, Undiet Your Life invites you to join us for Health Habit School, where we'll provide you with exclusive bonus training and exciting challenges.

Our focus?

Untangling health-promoting behaviors from body weight, helping you select the best health habits for your unique needs, setting meaningful health goals, and mastering the art of building and sustaining new habits—all without resorting to self-criticism.

Say goodbye to the confusion and procrastination feelings associated with self-care once and for all.

If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey, you must enroll in the UYL program by October 14th.

Don't miss out on the chance to prioritize your well-being without the influence of diet culture. Join us, and let's redefine what true health means together!


Our Simple & effective Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: How To Choose The Best  Health Habit For You
Date: October 15th

Lesson 2: How to Follow Through better 
Date: October 22nd

Lesson 3: How to Build Health Habits With Ease 
Date: October 29th

Lesson 4: What To Do When It Gets Hard and Quitting Comes to Mind - Overcoming Challenges
Date: November 15th

Bonus Coaching Call with Coach Stephanie
Date: November 7th

** Note recording will be available for each lesson if you can't attend live.

Don't miss out on these valuable lessons and coaching call to transform your “diet Culture” free health promoting habit  journey by registering for Undiet Your Life Program.


Bonus Offer end :








Let’s do this!

2 options to join 

Option 1 
Group coaching access

Join the program with access to group coaching  and on demand access to our entier portal and support system for 1 year.

Receive support in group setting by joining our bi-weekly live coaching call where students get their questions answered and can choose to receive live coaching from one of our coach. 

Option 2
Get your private coach plus access to group Coaching Program

Everything in option 1 PLUS your private 1-1 coach.

Work with your own private coach 1-1 for the first 6 months and continue to get support via  to group coaching for 1 year.

Your private coach will assess your current situation and create an individualize roadmap for your transformation. Your private coach will meet with you weekly providing individual support, coaching and guidance.

Continue to deeper embodiement of your new lifestyle for the next 6 months via group coaching.


Book a consultation call here 

Let’s shake things up

Get started here...

Guaranteed Results

Find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below...

Have questions?

What happens when I enroll?

Within 15 minutes you’ll receive an email with your cportal access ID and password. Once you log into the website, you’ll be directed to an onboarding process that will give you instructions to access all of our ressources, podcast, on-demand & live coaching call.

If you selected the private coaching plus the group coaching after submitting your application and being approved your will receive an email from us with next steps.

How and when is the program & coaching be delivered?

Everything is online — we host women from all over the world. We host the student portal on our private website and the coaching via Zoom

How much time is involved?

You can spend as little or as much time as you need. All ressources are pre-recorded and available on demands either via audio or video. 

If you selected 1-1 coaching we struture your journey with more accountability. The first 6 months with us will be supported individual with your private coach in 50 minutes private seesion the first 3 weeks of 4 monthly. The last 6 months you will get access to support via group coaching.

The coaching calls are scheduled and recorded, so you can make room in your calendar for those in advance, but recordings are always available for you to watch at your convenience. 

What makes this program different from all of the other health and self-acceptance programs out there?

What makes us different? We've all been there. Our coaches "have been there".

Stephanie, the founder and creator of the coaching process  has decades of experience in coaching and now over 8 years specializing in coaching women only in the non-diet approach. 

"I think what’s most impactful for my students is that  I have been where they are. My first diet was at 12 and last one at 39 so I know how it feels and what is needed"- Stephanie.

As a result we are the only program that combines mindset and life coaching with the non-diet approach to food and body image. Our program is the full package. We focus on mindset & beliefs a lot because that is where patriarchy and diet culture keeps you stuck.

Until now there has been no program that helps you in these 3 areas.

Should I join if I want to lose weight?

Let's be 100% clear; we are anti-diet professionals. Our programs, community and communication are 100% diet culture-free. We do not tolerate any discussions that refer to weight loss, dieting or any form of discrimination (because hell yes, diet culture is an oppressive system!). We are here to help our students adopt and improve healthy practices, not lose weight - so if you are not ready to quit dieting or chasing weight loss, this program is not for you.

I have a question that is not listed here - what do I do?

Great! Send an email to [email protected] and my team will be in touch ASAP.


Questions about body image, food, mindset, motivation, goal setting…


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