Weight Loss & Emotional Eating Coaching


The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.

Imagine your best friend calling you in tears, desperate to speak to you about a problem and telling her you’re too busy to listen.

Imagine your child falling down and badly injuring themselves and ignoring their cries.

It’s kind of unthinkable, right? 

And yet every day you drown out the messages that your body is trying to give you, instead of taking the time to pause and listen to what it’s really trying to tell you.

In a hyper-busy, over-connected world you’re probably busier than ever.  

You’re striving harder to achieve your goals.  

And like most professional women, you’re juggling a million competing and often conflicting priorities and you forget to pay attention to how you’re really feeling.  

But your body can only cope with so much and, sooner or later, it’ll start to signal it’s had enough in the only way it knows how:  through symptoms of pain, discomfort and weight-gain.

I work with women with a broad variety of symptoms ranging from diabetes, weight-loss resistance, insomnia, hormone imbalance, depression and more.

Each of these women came to me in search of a solution for their symptoms, but they left realizing that the real solution is about so much more than food.

I’m Stephanie Dodier and I’m about to teach you how to restore the connection between your body and your mind.

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