You’ve consumed the podcasts, devoured the books, repeated the mantras, and visualized your bank account with the million-dollar balance, all in pursuit of financial empowerment.

Yet, despite your efforts, the nagging anxiety around money persists. The fear of asking for more money and claiming out loud that you want more money feels taboo.

Seriously, WTF?

Let’s cut to the chase.


It’s beyond the Money


Here’s the problem

As women, we’ve been socialized with a very different narrative about money than our male counterparts, leaving us disempowered even in our adulthood.

Just as we’re bombarded with the thin body ideal where “smaller is better” , we’re taught that “spending less is better” and indulging in spending our well- earned money as women is met with shame, much like enjoying food.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that saving, budgeting, and hunting for deals are virtuous while wanting more money is deemed greedy.

And then we finally discover mindset coaching, where we’re told that our self-worth is directly tied to our financial status: “Ask for your worth, girl!”

But let’s call it what it is, shall we?


It’s time to call out the BS

my sisters!


It’s high time we disrupt the narrative surrounding how women are taught to think, feel, and act when it comes to money. In today’s world, financial power equals calm, and reclaiming that power is long overdue.



Approach money with calm assurance, confidently ask for more and proudly embrace your financial ambitions!



Beyond The Money is a 4-week mini-mentorship to change your relationship with money (just like you did with food and your body) so you can feel confident asking for more money!


I’ll show you how to shed the outdated money beliefs ingrained in you as a woman so you can approach money with calm assurance, confidently ask for more and proudly embrace your financial ambitions!


During this mentorship, you will:

  • ✔︎ Transform your relationship with money from the ground up.
  • ✔︎ Gain deep insights into your current money mindset and why traditional approaches have fallen short.
  • ✔︎ Free yourself from attaching your self-worth to your financial status.
  • ✔︎ Cultivate empowering beliefs and perspectives surrounding money.
  • ✔︎ Liberate yourself from the burden of money-related anxiety, doubt, and shame, paving the way for unshakable confidence and a reclaimed sense of ambition.
  • ✔︎ Establish a solid foundation that empowers you to feel confident to ask for more money!


The Investment: $444


Our thoughts about money determine the financial results we create in our life.

Yes, there are systems in the world that impact our financial reality, and it is also true that we have way more power over how much money we can create than we were taught to believe.

Beyond The Money is a 4-week live mentorship session where I’ll teach how to change your relationship with money (using the same process I teach with food and body image) so you can be neutral with money and easily feel confident to create more money.

My focus is to help you feel safe to unlearn the narrative and release these old beliefs that we, as women, have been socialized to believe about money, creating the current financial reality we want to change.

Get ready to claim back your power over money!


Over the four weeks, we dive into:

✔︎ Uncover the underlying money stories and beliefs shaping your financial reality.
✔︎ Transform your beliefs and daily thought patterns surrounding money.
✔︎ Liberate yourself from the grip of scarcity, fear, and self-doubt.
✔︎ Cultivate unshakable confidence and reclaim your personal power.
✔︎ Set empowering money goals that will feel safe to your nervous system.



❌ Getting rich AF and “throwing money bills off the boat” 
❌ No Self-Gaslighting
❌ Talking about limiting beliefs instead of systemic issues
“Charge your worth girl!” BS.
❌ Mantra, visualization and manifesting money B.S. discourse.



I’ll tell my own story with money to illustrate what is possible when a woman claims her power with money…

I wasn’t born with a positive money mindset, and my 25 years in the grip of diet culture just reaffirmed it.

I was raised in a multi-generational lineage of women who have lived in scarcity… with money and our bodies.

55 years ago, my mom, with a full-time job at the age of 23, went to the bank to get a credit card, only to return home empty-handed.  Until 1974 and the passage of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act to get a man to co-sign for her without a male co-signer.

And then…

15 years ago, I went to my boss and asked to be paid the same amount as my colleagues (yes all men) only to be told that I didn’t need to earn as much as my male colleagues as I didn’t have dependents.

Sound familiar?

 I was socialized to believe that: 

 ” Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
” You have to work hard to have just enough money,”
” People with a lot of money made their money by ripping off other people.”
” You can’t want too much money it’s greedy”
“Don’t ask for money. It’s impolite.”

As a result, up to my ’40s, I didn’t believe that I was innately worthy of having money and that for people like me (insert here: fat, single, older, and not “fitting the beauty standards”), it meant we needed to work harder than other people to have enough money.  

These beliefs made me successful in my corporate career, which was structured to reward hustle culture and hard work financially. I made money but was deeply anxious that it would all go away.

Subconsciously, I believed that I didn’t deserve to have more money and that the money I made came from my ability to withstand suffering. In a twisted way, earning more money was a way to prove my worth.

I existed in a scarce view of the world, not only with my worth and body but also with money. (Yet another gift from diet culture).

I was trapped between wanting to be financially independent but not greedy. 


Here’s where the magic unfolded for me.

As I unpacked diet culture from my life and changed my relationship with food and body image, I naturally became aware of the gaps in my relationship with money.

And to see the possibilities in my capacity to make as much money, if not more, with greater ease. 

Here is some more magic for you – the money work is almost the same as body image and food freedom work.



The result of this work with money?


I changed my relationship to money in the same way I accepted my fat body and made peace with food.

Guess what?

The same results unfolded.

The way I think about money today creates the wealth that I experience.

Money is easy and anxiety-free.

The amount of money I make or charge has nothing to do with my self-worth- I’m born innately worthy unconditionally to the money I have in my bank account.

As a result, my business is consistently growing year over year – and profitably.

I make decisions around money with decisiveness and spend my money guilt-free – on things I want, not what I think will make me more acceptable. 

For me, it’s travelling the world and investing in my personal growth.



All of this is possible for you… and I’m inviting you to claim it now!




When: Monday March 4, 11, 18, 25 at noon EST


Beyond The Money is a live mentorship training.  Group session will be held on zoom


This training is for everyone. For personal interest or professional & business interest.


When: Monday March 4, 11, 18, 25 at noon EST


Beyond The Money is a live mentorship training.  Group session will be held on zoom


This training is for everyone. For personal interest or professional & business interest.


Wow… This was mind-boggling!

I loved the information you provided. I had never considered the history of the diet culture but it makes so much sense. Your #1 point -education.

Jennifer Manis

This workshop was so insightful!

This was so insightful, really excuse the pun, food for thought! I was totally engrossed, thank you!

Caren Atkins

Excellent and concise: It’s all coming together for me

It makes me feel so relaxed and empowered knowing the story behind diet culture and how its main purpose was throwing women off the feminism bandwagon. It also makes me angry that I bought into it hook, line and sinker, so desperate to be accepted by the culture. I am glad to be joining the fight against diet culture.

Your excellent and concise presentation with images and with your easy to understand explanations made it all come together so much more clearly.

Thank you for being such an engaging and supportive leader in this movement!

Ann Killin

“I had no idea how life changing this experience would be!”

Vanessa Preston

Therapist & Social Worker

I’m so happy I said YES. My knowledge and confidence has grown so much

Kim Hagle

Fitness Coach

“Stephanie helped me see what I couldn’t see. I haven’t felt aligned in my work in such a long time.”

Ardelle Viau

Nutrition Consultant

Meet Your Instructor

Stephanie Dodier is a Master Cognitive Behavioral Coach,  Business coach, Non-Diet Nutritionist and a Feminist mentor.  

Her #1 passion is to help women get more of what they want in their life: more confidence, more money, more freedom and more ease that they can enjoy their best life!

She’s the founder of Undiet Your Life, a global coaching and online training platform focused on helping women build confidence, shed insecurities and treat their bodies with neutrality and respect – leading to massive mental and physical health breakthroughs. Stephanie also train professionals in her proprietary methodology inside Undiet Your Coaching.

Stephanie has been in leadership role for over 25 years. As a vice-president for the #1 retailer company in Canada and now as an entrepreneur building two multiple 6 figure businesses. Stephanie has worked with hundred of thousands of women in over 92 countries around the world.

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