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Intuitive Eating is a proven & well research self-care eating framework that teaches to be at peace with food.

Intuitive Eating teaches how to distinguish emotional  versus physical hunger and how to cope with emotions without food.

Intuitive Eating teaches to move from chasing weight to chasing health with a empowering mindset.

The Intuitive Eating Course was life-changing for me.

For years, I have tried to control my relationship with food and never realized how the food was actually controlling me instead. The Intuitive Eating Project helped me start to turn that thinking around and gain a new perspective.

- Peg Seitz Wedig

I was blown away by the life-changing insight Stephanie helped me gain...

The Intuitive Eating Project course is a wonderful place to gain insight, and be supported as you hope, heal, and finally — start to find peace with food. I'm actually enjoying food again, with no guilt trips, shaming, or regrets on the menu.

- Quinn Kelly

Just amazed how much more confident I’m with food.

I have begun to gently pull away from the negative thoughts I have about my body and instead honor what my body has always done for me and continues to do.

- Regina Hill

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