182-Redesigning Your Life with Amanda Gates and Feng Shui

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On today’s episode, we talk about Feng Shui

Get the energy right in your home, closet, and fridge and everything else will follow. Yup, the energy that carries your home is impacting you right now… moving you closer to confidence or further away from peace with your food and body. 

Imagine you and your home looking like Charlie Brown’s character, Pigpen. With debris and junk whirling around that “pretty” won’t fix. It is essentially putting lipstick on a pig.  

Instead, let’s get your energy and your homes energy in pristine shape so that when the “pretty” goes in, it uplevels every damn thing in your life.  

Who doesn’t want that? 

Today’s guest, Amanda Gates is a professionally trained Interior Designer, Feng Shui Practitioner, podcaster and award-winning blogger. She has seamlessly married interior design and Feng Shui for almost 20 years to help clients achieve spaces that feel as beautiful as they look. 

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

    • How the energy in your home is expressed through the design and choices you have made in your home décor. 
    • The top 5 disruptors in your home design that sabotage the energy in your home  
    • Amanda shares with us easy, applicable tips to change the energy in your home  
    • How your closet and fridge carry energy that help you move forward towards being at peace with food and body 

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