184-Turning Crisis into Awakening with Sheree Clark

Sheree Clark

On today’s episode, we speak with Sheree Clark

Are you at a “fork” in the road?

You know something needs to change… must change… has to change. You get the feeling that if you don’t make a choice now, life will make one for you.

For some, it’s an acute life event that forces them into making a choice… for me, it was collapsing on stage.

For other women, their body wisdom takes care of creating this fork in the road with aging and hormones. It’s called menopause. It’s the natural process that moves us from motherhood to coming of wisdom. Coming back to being “just” a woman… no longer the nurturer or caregiver. For many, that’s a hard transition.

In today’s episode, Sheree Clark talks about turning midlife crisis into mid-life awakening.  Sheree will help you create a vision for your fork in the road creating opportunities for growth, fun, and achievement.

Sheree Clark is a midlife courage coach, TV show host, inspiring speaker and accomplished author.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • How Sheree found the courage to leave her successful career to find fulfillment.
  • “If I stay this way, life will eat me alive” feeling is real and how we can overcome it.
  • Sheree takes us through a powerful exercise to determine what fulfillment looks like for us.
  • How to approach the second phase of our life from a place of love instead of fear

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