202-Stepping Beyond The Struggle

202-Stepping Beyond the Struggle-Stephanie Dodier

On today’s episode, we’ll talk about stepping beyond the struggle

In a way, this podcast is not just a message to those of you who are struggling, but it’s also a message to my former self.

It’s the advice I wish someone shared with me when I was struggling.

It’s the advice I wish I had when I went through so many dark times.

My struggle was my weight. Like most of you… for 25 years, that struggle occupied my life. It caused me lots of emotional pain, physical pain with crazy exercise protocols, tears,  break up, missed relationships, the struggle of my body and weight caused a lot of drama in my life.

And for 25 years, I believed that the only way to stop the struggle to get over that pain was to lose weight.

Some say… but you did lose weight.

Yes, I did multiple times but here’s where it gets really crazy… when I did lose weight, you’d think struggle would be over right?

No, it didn’t. Instead, I just moved on to the next expression of the problem: saggy skin, soft skin on my belly, I’m still not thin enough for a partner to desire my body…

I was addicted to the weight problem… I was addicted to the drama it created in my life.

So, what did I do to step beyond the struggle? That what we will explore in today’s podcast.

What you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • What is Diet Brain and how it plays within your struggle
  • How we get addicted to the problem at the center of our struggle
  • The importance of your mind in stepping beyond the struggle
  • How to step beyond the struggle

Mindset Model

First model: become aware of your thought

Second model: reframe-change your thought

T: What is the trigger? What event typically or currently trigger the negative body self-talk?

T: What am I saying to myself in this situation? What are my thoughts? Before reframing…

F: How does this thinking make me feel?

A: How am I reacting (or wanting to react) behaviorally to this experience? What will be my new way of thinking about this trigger? New thinking, new choices, new decision.


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