198-13 Popular Intuitive Eating Myths (and why they’re bogus)

198-what intuitive eating is and is not

On today’s episode, we talk about what intuitive eating is and is not

Want to give Intuitive Eating a try?

These 13 misconceptions may make intuitive eating more challenging and increase the odds of you giving up.

Intuitive Eating is picking popularity over the last 12 months… In fact, this Anti-diet approach to eating has been called the next health trend to look forward to in 2020. Not surprising when we consider the 95% failure rate of traditional diets.

There no stopping Intuitive Eating and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store for 2020. And with every “trend” or popular movement comes questions, doubts, and naysayers.

On today’s episode, we are going to debunk 13 popular Intuitive Eating myths. 13 myths about eating intuitively, this proven and well-researched eating framework, that you should stop believing.

These 13 myths, we first are going to give them context and then bring facts forward as to why each one is false… or frankly said, bogus!

Here’s a sample of the myths we will cover:

  • Intuitive eating will make me gain weight.
  • Eating intuitively leads to binge eating.
  • Intuitive eating means I gave up on myself.
  • Eating intuitively is for healthy-minded people only.
  • Eating intuitively is unhealthy.
  • And 8 more super popular Intuitive Eating myths!

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