The Going Beyond the Food Academy is a 14-week online program for women who want to stop overeating, binging and emotional eating.

It’s about learning how to overcome self-sabotaging behaviours permanently by addressing the root cause(s) so that you no longer have to use  a “band-aid” approach of willpower and discipline.

You'll learn to heal the WHY you eat and HOW you eat resulting in  easy, simple and natural food choices.  WHAT you eat becomes secondary like normal eater.

​​​​Without a roadmap and guidance, the process can be overwhelming and lead to cycles of yo-yo.  The Beyond The Food Academy can fast-track your transformation and save you years of suffering through feelings of frustration and failure. 

Whether you want to stop overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, stop endless cycle of dieting or want to find food freedom The Beyond The Food Academy will help you:

End self-sabotaging behaviours

Stop overeating

Prevent binge eating

Develop normal eating patterns

Stay motivated easily

Eliminate excuses

Be supported by community of like-minded women

Rekindle a loving relationship with your body

Break free from emotional eating

Cease food obsession

Attain and sustain food freedom

Quit the cycles of shame and guilt

Transform your relationship to food forever

Achieve your goals

Solve the mysteries of your health and weight
Timing of the Program

Registration for the last term of the 2018 is now close. The semester of our program will be in early 2019. 

We highly recommend you register for our waitlist to secure your spot for next year.

The program is 14 weeks. We encourage you to register as quickly as possible because our on-boarding experience include foundational training to help you get the most out of the program.

Upon registration you'll get access the Beyond the Food Nutrition Course & The Time Management Formula program and access to other Masterclasses designed to get you ready for a transformational experience.

We have 12 core lesson modules (access the detail curriculum here) which are weekly with corresponding assignments to help you integrate what you are learning followed by coaching session weekly.

Once the initial 14 weeks is complete, you'll have lifetime access to the entire library of training inside the Academy student portal.

"Each week of the Going Beyond the Food Academy has been like turning stones, discovering new parts of myself that have been hidden and suppressed by years of negative thinking, dieting, and self-judgment." – Jessica Tomasko
“I have avoided criticism my whole life but now, after joining the Going Beyond the Food Academy, I truly look forward to new revelation because with each “a-ha” moment, I am gaining ground and living a more joyful life." – Susan Sledge

The Going Beyond the Food Academy is intensive and challenging.
There are no quick fix, magic formula or guaranteed results.

It's a experiential and transformative experience.  It’s about taking responsibility, doing the work and  being open to the possibilities.

Who you’ll become as a result of completing our program is priceless. See results from our graduates here.

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Going Beyond the Food Academy here.

Course Breakdown
The Core Curriculum
Everything is Online : 
no need to travel

The entire program is online. You can participate and take your classes from anywhere.

All classes, video, audio files, assignment worksheets, additional bonus course are within our online learning platform. You be able to connect with our private community, join the coaching session and live Q&A online.

What's included...
12 weekly Core Module Lessons 
taught by  Stephanie over a 14 weeks period (with breaks every after 4 lessons).  Include assignment worksheets and materials. . Starting Tuesday, September 11, 2018.
14 weekly Q&A and Coaching Sessions
with Stephanie where you can submit your questions  to get all the answers you need to be successful. You can attend live and ask questions directly to Stephanie or submit in advance and listen to Stephanie answer on recorded video. (Q&A will be recorded so you do not need to be live in class).

When the Academy is not in session we will maintain a monthly Q&A session schedule.
Lifetime Access  
to the Online Community 
for on-going support as you evolved and practice your new learned skills.
Lifetime Access
to the library of courses, Q&A recordings, masterclass and workshops for complimentary education. Continued access for on-going learning and growth.
 Masterclass with guest experts on topics related to mindset, motivation, etc... (recorded & curriculum)
Lifetime Access to all the Academy Resources such as Stephanie’s favourite products & discounts, meal plans, etc...
Why Stephanie as your teacher?
Hi! I’m Stephanie Dodier, Clinical Nutritionist, and I have been there too. I have done all the diets possible from Paleo to Keto hoping that my overeating and emotional eating would go away and it did but only for a few weeks or months. I fell off the wagon and then the cycle of guilt and shame would just consume me, so I’ll ate more….

The same thing was happening to a majority of my patients…. 
I discovered the concept of “Going Beyond the Food” and realized that nothing was wrong with me. In fact, I was really good and healthy. I was just focusing on the food when really the issue was somewhere else.

So, if that is, why is the weight loss and fitness industry not talking about it? Simply because it doesn’t make them money.

We are an innate wisdom inside, an internal nutritionist that knows exactly what we should be eating, how much and when.  The years of dieting just silenced this innate wisdom that all of us have. Our bodies are wise. We simply need to listen.

Going Beyond The Food is about healing WHY we eat, relearning HOW to eat so that WHAT we eat becomes easy, simple and natural.

Are you ready to change? 

I want to help you and support in this journey back to yourself. 

With love,

You’re Also Protected By Our 100% Risk Free Guarantee.

This program has to power to profoundly change your life. That's based on the results our graduates student have experience.

We offer Scholarship program at certain time of the year.

We're confident that if you do the work you'll get enormous benefits from your experience. And we're happy to back it up with 100% satisfaction guarantee. See details here.

This program impacts real women life... just like you and I. It impacts their kids,  their husband, how they interact with friend and co-workers.

When we state that the Going Beyond The Food Academy program is life transformation it's because that's what our graduates are telling us.

I decided to invest in myself through the Going Beyond the Food Academy… I realized that a whole lot of my physiological problem comes from the emotional side of me. Stephanie is a great leader. She is someone who is completely transparent about herself and her own struggles.” - Terri
“The Going Beyond the Food Academy is really a game-changer. I figured out that I’m obsessed with dieting and how to get rid of it…" - Hanka
The Academy really helped me with figuring out how to do intuitive eating and how to trust my gut and honour my body signal when my body was talking to me... The cravings have stopped because I was not depriving myself all the time, it’s more about just being intuitive… I’m also now incorporating more basic movement, not crazy gym exercising. It’s really made a big difference in my life.” -Eithne

Read more reviews of the Going Beyond the Food Academy here.
It’s been life-changing and I’m very grateful that I didn’t wait another year.” – Monique
Imagine no longer sabotaging yourself... no more  night time eating ...Yes, it’s possible!

Imagine not feeling out of control when it comes to food.  Eat when hungry stop when full... Yes, it’s possible!

Imagine no longer “falling off the wagon” and  being consistent and in control... Yes, it’s possible!

Imagine being able to resist temptation and pressure from your family and friends to eat...Yes, it’s possible!

Imagine eating normally without feeling deprivation, guilt and shame...Yes, it's possible!
Your Questions Answered
Program Details
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Answers to your top questions and concerns

Hear what our graduates have to say about their experience

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