241-Body Fantasies

Body Fantasies

Body fantasies sound like this:

“When I finally lose weight, I will ______”


“If my body could be different, I would  ______”


“If I could look younger, I would _____”

And you can fill the blank of what will happen once you get to live your body fantasies with one or many of these:

I will be happy

I will feel lighter

I will be sexy

I will be confident and do _____

I’ll get the promotion I deserve

I will be successful and I’ll achieve ____

I’ll feel good about myself

I’ll start dating

I’ll be more outgoing

I will finally fit in the clothes that I used to love to wear

I will be more confident

I will go out and enjoy life

I will be a better sexual partner

I will be desired by my partner

I will feel more confident

My life will be easier

Moving my body will be easier

I’ll be able to stop eating when full

I’ll be relaxed

I’ll be healthier

My mom will finally stop commenting on my body

My kids won’t feel a shame to be with me


Body fantasies definition

It’s when you believe that life will unlock all that you are wanting once you get the body that you consider to the perfect or at least good enough.

Also, it’s when you believe you put things on hold because you haven’t GOT that fantasy body, that illusionary body that will ALLOW you to be happy, healthy, and confident… and sexy lol!

Moreover, it’s when you obsessed about losing weight, reshaping your body, reducing your wrinkle lines, become optimally healthier, control your food so you can finally change your appearance, and unlock your dream life.

Furthermore, it’s when one of the most important parts of your personal life is about changing your body.

It’s when you put your life on hold until you feel deserving enough.

On today’s episode you’ll learn listening to this episode:

  • What are body fantasies?
  • Do you have body fantasies thoughts?
  • Where does body fantasies come from?
  • The intersection between body objectification and internalization
  • Opting out of body fantasies


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