256-Diet Mindset

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Diet Mentality

People will often refer to mindset as a perspective.

I like to explain mindset to my clients as a collection of all of the things you believe, that you assume or that you have been taught. These can be conscious or unconscious, but these beliefs, assumptions or taught notions that influence your feelings, the approach you have in the situation, how you meet your needs, and ultimately the actions you take, therefore the results you create in your life.

The analogy I used with my clients is that your mindset is like a pair of glasses you wear 24/7. It’s the lens through which you see and experience life.

Mindset is not just the beliefs, assumptions you think; it’s how you feel due to what you think, the actions you take, and the result you experience are all under the umbrella mindset. It is really important for us to understand why we need to be addressing it all together.

To be addressing your mindset, you need to be looking at your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and results with it.

We have different mindsets based on different beliefs we hold in the separate areas of our life. We have a money mindset, political mindset, social justice mindset and yes, a diet mindset.

Diet Mentality

What is known as “Diet mentality” is the collections of beliefs and assumptions you were taught about health, beauty, body size, more specifically, what it means to be a woman. These beliefs we have about what it means to be a woman influence how you feel about your body and ourselves in general. These thoughts we have about our bodies and ourselves then create the actions and behaviours we have, just like going on a diet.

Concrete examples of diet mentality VS non-diet mentality

Do I deserve this food? VS Am I hungry?

How do I look? VS How do I feel?

How much do I get to eat today? VS How much food do I need right now?

I exercise so I can eat VS I eat so I can move my body.

I can eat whatever I want on my cheat day VS I can eat whatever I want any day.

Food is my worst enemy, and my favourite joy / Food is just-food.

I ate awful this weekend VS I had a great time this weekend with my family.

What other people say about me is very important VS What I think of myself determines how I feel about myself.

My worth is determined by my weight VS I’m born worthy.

I need to be smaller to be attractive VS My sexy is in my attitude and how I carry myself.

To feel better, I need to lose weight VS The way to feel better is to think better thoughts.

I’ll be more confident when I lose weight VS Confidence is in my mindset, not in my weight.

My weight determines my health VS My health-promoting behaviours influence my health

As a woman, it’s my responsibility to maintain my beauty VS As a woman, it’s my responsibility to impact the world with my actions.

On this episode of the podcast you will learn:

  • How we develop our mindset
  • Why mindset mater greatly to our happiness
  • What is a diet vs a non-diet mindset
  • How to change your mindset

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