246-Intuitive Eating Listeners Q&A

Intuitive Eating Q&A

Starting your intuitive eating journey on your own meaning no help, no professional, no course… just you and the book. This episode is for you! 

The intuitive eating learning journey 

Just like you had to learn to diet years ago… you need to learn to undiet. Just like dieting took time and effort, unlearning diet culture and all of its side effects take time and effort. Any new behaviors, actions require the same learning curve. Learning to eat intuitively is no different. 

In today’s episode, we answer listeners’ questions about intuitive eating, and this Q&A is dedicated to women who are learning intuitive eating on their own… no support, no professional help. 

Listener questions we answer in this Intuitive Eating Q&A

  • Intuitive Eating doesn’t stick for me? 
  • I’m eating emotionally  
  • How can I control myself emotionally? 
  • I still want to weigh myself in? I can’t seem to throw the scale away. 
  • How do I stop binging? I stop dieting but now I can’t seem to stop eating 
  • How do I know my set point? 
  • I’m often not hungry for lunch…just want to have a nice dinner? Is this “Bad”? 
  • Why do I have thoughts about eating when I’m already full? 

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