283-Digestive Health the Non-Diet Approach with Beth Rosen

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Digestive Health the Non-Diet Approach with Beth Rosen

Digestive health… or as wellness culture calls it gut health is a hot topic these days. 

According to wellness culture, many diseases could be prevented and treated with a gut health protocol. In short: restrictive dieting in the name of health with a side of supplements and detox sprinkle with infra-red sauna. 

Gut health is a major concern for many people wanting to leave the world of diet culture. One question I get a lot is :  

but what about my food sensitivities and intuitive eating?  

Or another version:  

How can I maintain a health-reason food restriction and eat intuitively? 

Is there a non-diet approach to digestive health?

Short answer: YES.

There’s is a non-diet approach to gut health and our guest  Beth Rosen will deep dive with us on a science-based approach to digestive health, IBS, and other digestive disorder. 

Beth Rosen is a non-diet Registered Dietitian. She specializes in helping clients find relief from digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Disease (IBS) and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Gastroparesis, Colitis, and GERD. She also teaches on the intersection of GI disorder and disordered eating.  

What you’ll learn listening to this episode of the non-diet approach to digestive health: 

  • What is gut health? Is that really a thing? 
  • The link between IBS and disordered eating  
  •  Food sensitivities, food intolerance, and food allergies 
  • And yes we talked about gluten…
  • Restrictive diets the solution to a healthy digestive system 

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I’m Stephanie Dodier – Clinical Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating expert, host of the Going BeyondTheFood podcast, and Creator of the Going BeyondTheFood Method™️, which was born from my own journey with chronic dieting & body image and has since grown into a global movement.

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