244-So You Quit Dieting… Now What?

Quit Dieting

So I quit dieting … what do I do next?” 

This is where all women begin their journey into intuitive eating. Maybe you know the answer to this question because you’ve been there. Or perhaps that’s the question you are asking yourself right now. 

Most women have been indoctrinated into diet culture at a very young age and have been living accordingly to diet culture’s rules since then. Most women don’t even realize that they can say no to diets. That there is another way of living beyond restricting food and hating their body. 

That’s until they learn that diets don’t work and they aren’t the problem, diets are. 

Quit dieting 

Women then decide to not diet anymore. A sense of being lost then takes over because if they don’t diet what are they to do. Most of us have never consciously not dieted or not want to be on a diet. 

That’s when the question: “So I quit dieting… now, what?” comes along.  

In today’s episode, we will answer this question. We will give you the exact steps for you to take when you stop dieting. 

What you’ll learn listening to this episode on quitting dieting

  • What to expect when you stop dieting
  • The pendulum swing
  • Investigate the damage
  • The process of unlearning dieting
  • The journey of becoming a normal eater… again!

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